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The planned expansion will have catastrophic consequences for forests, peatlands, and communities, warn NGOs. APP says the expansion will not breach its no-deforestation pledge, and is aligned with the new Omnibus Law to boost investment and jobs.
A new analysis found that Chinese cities like Handan, Shanghai and Beijing are some of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, with per capita emissions comparable to those of developed countries.
The NGO Forget Thee Not has designed a bookshelf that can be turned into a coffin. In a heavily regulated industry and a place with strong traditional funeral customs, will people be receptive to the idea of a sustainable coffin?
The Commerce Department names 14 firms that it says have ‘enabled Beijing’s campaign of repression’ against Uyghurs.
China’s long-awaited national carbon market will start this month, after a series of false starts to create the world’s largest emissions trading system.
A new report found that the world’s top 10 fishing nations are spending billions of dollars on harmful fishing subsidies to not only exploit their own domestic waters, but to fish in the high seas and the waters of other nations.
If funded, about 13,000 renewable energy projects proposed in nearly 50 countries could slash emissions and create work, researchers find.
Substantial investment in money and time is needed for algae biofuel to become viable, even on an extended timeline out to mid-century. While big players like Shell and Chevron have abandoned the effort, ExxonMobil continues work.
Net-zero pledges around the world rely heavily on capturing and storing climate-changing emissions — but far too little storage is being developed.
Analysis of data from a list of coal companies worldwide has exposed the extent of international finance for Chinese coal companies.
A new study ranks China second in financing commodities linked to tropical deforestation risk. Its financial institutions could do more before state...
Chinese asset managers have started launching sustainable labeled funds like there’s no tomorrow. Could a green investment bubble be building in the world's...
The new year starts with optimism for China and the European Union. On 30 Dec, the two sides announced that they had concluded in principle the negotiations...
Recent outcry over deforestation in the city-state has started a conversation about where forests fit in the future of a metropolis that aims to be a ‘city in nature’.
Ahead of the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition from April 12-14, hosted by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, Dr. Ma Jun, chairman of Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking, speaks to Eco-Business about how China got so far ahead in green finance innovation.
Countries need to do more to protect areas that may not be important for biodiversity, but provide key ecosystem services such flood mitigation and water and soil retention, says environmentalist Zhiyun Ouyang.
Heavy smog choking China this winter has brought environmental concerns into sharp focus in the year of the rooster. The upcoming IE expo China event in Shanghai will provide the tools needed to fight China’s war on pollution.
Lauded the most beautiful skyscraper of 2015, the Shanghai Tower is an icon of China’s drive to green its built environment. The tower’s energy-efficient operations are propped up through its use of Danfoss technology.
Clean power systems provider Eaton had a spluttering start in China. Finding the right local partner was key to making it work.
Union Bank becomes the second local bank to issue a social bond for small and medium enterprises affected by the pandemic, as ailing economies resort to funding mechanisms to aid Covid-19 recovery.
The American former renewables executive described as an 'eternal optimist' by colleagues died age 41. The Singapore-based startup he founded in 2018 is to continue operations.
Indonesia's potential to generate energy from the earth's crust could solve its power problems and fire its ailing economy. But the country needs to do more to lure investors.
Eco-Business talks to Peter Kiernan, lead energy analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit, to unpack a new landmark report from the International Energy Agency, which proposes an immediate ban on fossil fuels extraction to curb global warming.
Public-private partnerships for social good
There is a growing trend in Asia of governments and the private sector coming together to address social needs, and CAPS' latest study spotlights these "public-private partnerships for social good." With 88% of top business leaders in Asia believing such partnerships will become even more common...
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