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Editor's Choice

Clarissa Morawski from non-profit Reloop tells the Eco-Business podcast why the circular economy is key to the post-Covid recovery.
'Climate-themed' funds sold by some of the world's biggest asset managers are failing to live up to the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement. The screws are being tightened on managers of ESG-labelled investment funds as a result.
The firm is responding to growing pressure on the world's third largest emitter to decarbonise ahead of climate talks in November.
Developing nations say they need more finance to conserve their natural environments—and China has floated the idea of a fund to channel billions of dollars to protect biodiversity.
A dietary shift from rice to potatoes could 'notably reduce' the climate and environmental impacts of staple crop agriculture in China, according to a new study.
In early July 2021, Chinese dams began restricting the flow of the Upper Mekong. Researchers and activists say the consequences downstream are unknown and potentially severe.
If one of the world's most climate-vulnerable regions rapidly reduces emissions over the next 50 years, its economy could grow by 3.5 per cent a year. If it doesn't decarbonise, its economy could be $28 trillion smaller by 2070, according to a new study by Deloitte.
China’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions grew by around 1 per cent in the second quarter of 2021 compared to a year earlier, new analysis for Carbon Brief shows.
Cooler Sino-British relations mean China’s cash for UK nuclear plants is at risk—and success at the COP26 climate talks.
Whether China can free itself from its decades-old addiction to coal will determine not just its own environmental future, but also – and more crucially – Earth’s prospects in the face of the gathering climate crisis.
Analysis of data from a list of coal companies worldwide has exposed the extent of international finance for Chinese coal companies.
A new study ranks China second in financing commodities linked to tropical deforestation risk. Its financial institutions could do more before state...
Chinese asset managers have started launching sustainable labeled funds like there’s no tomorrow. Could a green investment bubble be building in the world's...
Recent outcry over deforestation in the city-state has started a conversation about where forests fit in the future of a metropolis that aims to be a ‘city in nature’.
Ahead of the Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition from April 12-14, hosted by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, Dr. Ma Jun, chairman of Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking, speaks to Eco-Business about how China got so far ahead in green finance innovation.
Countries need to do more to protect areas that may not be important for biodiversity, but provide key ecosystem services such flood mitigation and water and soil retention, says environmentalist Zhiyun Ouyang.
Heavy smog choking China this winter has brought environmental concerns into sharp focus in the year of the rooster. The upcoming IE expo China event in Shanghai will provide the tools needed to fight China’s war on pollution.
Lauded the most beautiful skyscraper of 2015, the Shanghai Tower is an icon of China’s drive to green its built environment. The tower’s energy-efficient operations are propped up through its use of Danfoss technology.
Clean power systems provider Eaton had a spluttering start in China. Finding the right local partner was key to making it work.
As country manager for the Philippines, Nieto will lead the firm’s strategic direction, public and client relations and operations in the country.
Lockdowns and layoffs, and the unprecedented stimulus spending in response to them, were expected to lead to a spike in deforestation, but this wasn’t the case, the analysis shows.
While solar and wind help countries meet energy security and environmental objectives, their variable nature poses challenges to electricity grids that require utilities to rethink operations.
When sweaty revellers are cutting shapes on the dance floor, can they be inspired to think about climate change? Dilo and Robin Perkins from DJs For Climate Action tell the Eco-Business Podcast how dance music can drive climate action.
Accounting for Nature: financing solutions for our planet's natural systems
Time is running out to implement concrete plans capable of reining in a runaway biodiversity crisis. Government ministers and biodiversity experts are expected to begin negotiations in October over a “Paris agreement for nature” to be agreed at the COP15 biodiversity summit in Kunming, China in...
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