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large scale solar farm
Central to the dispute appears to be the 4,200-kilometre electricity cable from Australia to Singapore – which one major investor wants replaced with hydrogen shipments.
Dying coral
As temperatures rise, coral bleaching events and disease outbreaks are becoming more frequent. Coral restoration ecologist Carly Randall tells Eco-Business that warming oceans may be putting Asia's reefs in peril.
Stock_Canon cameras
A new study finds that the firm has reduced its emissions target and now lags rivals in the race to decarbonise. The firm recently came under fire when a senior staff member at the institute it sponsors was called out for climate denial.
Planned climate action shows ‘no credible pathway’ to keep warming within 1.5C, leaving rapid societal transformation the only option, UN says.
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Indigenous leaders are some of the clearest voices recognising that it can’t be business as usual for climate. The solution is before us: integrating Western and Indigenous law creates a path to a better future.
A car floats down a flood torrent in New South Wales, Australia
Risk experts in Australia want to help communities, but are stifled by funding and resource constraints, as well as institutional inertia. More money should be put into not only disaster response, but disaster preparation.
the fairywren
Creating better connections between humans and nature is the first step to bringing back animals into our cities.
Sydney could become the first major city in Asia Pacific to ban fossil fuel advertising.
Advertising executive Mike Spirkovski argues that a ban on fossil fuel advertising in Sydney won't reduce emissions or save lives. Consumers need to know which carbon-intensive brands are making a genuine attempt to cut their climate impact, he argues.

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Counting queers

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Juice Media parody ad mocking government inaction on climate change
We're screwed, claims a government parody ad, as politicians drag their heels on climate change. Taking a shot at the Australian government, the video exposes the absurdity of longstanding political inaction to address the climate crisis and puts out a not-so-subtle call for collective action.
Make some extra cash and reduce waste by putting your belongings to work. This online market place plugs Australians into the sharing economy.
marine vinyls
An advertising agency has come up with an idea to give ocean plastic a second life while turning Sydney beach-clean ups into a party.
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An Eco-Business debate in 2019
EB Studio Covid-19 didn't kill events, but it did change them. Teymoor Nabili and Veemal Gungadin tell the Eco-Business Podcast how a pandemic transformed the way sustainability events are conceived and organised.
Eco-Business Podcast with Assaad Razzouk
Eco-Business talks to 'angry clean energy guy' Assaad Razzouk about the flaws in much-hyped climate change solutions, and how to fix them.
Izzy Raj-Seppings
In its latest case, an Australian law firm is representing 8 students and a nun as they fight a decision to build a coal mine on climate grounds. Eco-Business spoke to lawyer David Barnden about winning the legal case against climate change.
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