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lady in colourful shirt planting rice in Ubud, Bali
Southeast Asian countries deserve credit for their cooperative approach towards food security-related policies, a method that has proved effective in stabilising rice stocks and prices.
S–Ray ESG ratings (ASIA)
Weekly Top 5 Movers
4004 Resonac Holdings Corporation 13.15%
5110 Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. 12.01%
3436 SUMCO Corporation 10.36%
47050 POSCO INTERNATIONAL Corporation 9.65%
5471 Daido Steel Co., Ltd. 6.86%
Weekly Flop 5 Movers
86790 Hana Financial Group Inc. -6.21%
2057 ZTO Express (Cayman), Inc. Class A -3.86%
1301 Formosa Plastics Corporation -1.73%
601901 Founder Securities Co., Ltd. Class A -1.64%
5202 Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited -1.59%
Source: ESG Book
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Kunal Sharma
India-based Kunal Sharma will lead the international sustainability non-profit’s work on energy transition.


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Humanity’s big problem is luxury carbon and biosphere consumption, not population… If resources were distributed more fairly, today’s global population would already enjoy living conditions exceeding the UN’s minimum level.


"Sustainability is in our DNA"
If sustainability really was at the heart of everything businesses did, the planet probably would not be 1.2°C warmer than it should be. It's time for corporates to stop using the same meaningless catchphrase – or risk alienating consumers

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Pandawa Agri_organic farming
Going 100 per cent organic is not easy for smallholder farmers in the region. Is there a middle road to take where a gradual shift can be managed, while ensuring that the livelihoods of farmers are taken care of?
Women sift sand, hunting for tiny plastic pellets and other debris still washing ashore since the sinking of the X-Press Pearl, a vessel containing chemicals and plastics, in May 2021 off the coast of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Six months after the sinking of the Singapore-flagged X-Press Pearl off the coast of Colombo, local communities are trying to recover from one of the worst maritime disasters in history.
22 ways lead image
Trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle is often fraught with controversy, contradiction and hypocrisy, and tackling big problems like climate change and social inequality can seem futile. But there are some things you can do to make a difference in the Year of the Tiger. Here are 22 of them...
Oil platform, Mumbai, India
Realising it’s now or never, the global gas industry is making a determined push to develop infrastructure across Asia as climate targets tighten and renewables become more competitive.

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RimbaWatch (formerly known as the Rimba Disclosure Project), as part of its efforts to monitor activities related to deforestation in Malaysia, has published a study entitled “State of the Malaysian …