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Scientists using new climate models say a bigger heat rise than expected is possible by the end of the century.
This year's haze is the worst since the great forest fires of 2015, when big pulpwood and palm oil companies were spurred into action to stop slash-and-burn forestry. Four years on, how effective have their multi-million dollar fire prevention schemes been?
When a water crisis struck Chennai this year, the city found itself poorly prepared. How have water shortages widened economic and gender inequality in India's sixth-largest city?
For decades, manufacturers sold better living through chemistry. Many consumers are now reluctant to believe the new branding.
Data published by Unilever revealed that it uses tea suppliers in countries including India, Bangladesh, China, Argentina, Turkey, Uganda and Indonesia.
Most low-income people worldwide are women, who face gender discrimination in addition to poverty. Both factors mean greater vulnerability to extreme events like droughts and floods as the climate crisis intensifies, a new report has found.
Catching and storing climate-changing emissions is seen as key to many plans to stave off a worsening climate crisis—but it's way behind schedule, experts say.
Indonesia is on a bid to become Southeast Asia's biggest producer of South sea pearls, which are made into highly valued jewellery. To realise this ambition, oyster pearl farmers are ensuring their farming methods are sustainable.
Western brands like Nike, Patagonia and Ben & Jerry's are getting louder in their support for social and environmental issues. As thousands of people around the world prepare to take skip work for Climate Strike, are Asian companies likely to join them?
People are the world’s most important resource, yet stunting in children limits human capabilities and reduces current investment in the future. Fortunately, the rapid growth of digital technologies means that millions of small individual financial donations can help to end this scourge.
By distracting from real imperatives, unfeasible solutions to climate change, such as geoengineering, allow the climate crisis to continue to escalate,...
One of the biggest questions for policymakers, investors, and ordinary citizens is whether the development and adoption of clean-energy technologies will take...
The Trump administration's defunding of sexual and reproductive health services worldwide has underscored developing countries' vulnerability to the whim of...
[EB SPECIAL REPORT] Southeast Asia is drowning in electronic waste. As awareness of the toxic fall-out of the region’s e-waste crisis grows, what's being done to defuse an environmental time-bomb in the making?
Which countries among the 10 Asean member states can claim bragging rights for being the most progressive on renewable energy, and what are they doing right?
It is a public health crisis that kills almost 5 million people in Asia every year. So why isn't air pollution a bigger story? And why aren’t journalists in Asia reporting on how to solve the problem?
From carbon-based cryptocurrencies to reward programmes for green projects, blockchain is helping tackle issues of transparency, accountability and traceability. What are the most innovative uses of blockchain, and is it actually working?
The average Singaporean uses an unconscionable 13 plastic bags a day. With its only landfill site fast filling up, what are consumers and businesses doing to defuse Singapore’s plastic waste time bomb?
We're screwed, claims a government parody ad, as politicians drag their heels on climate change. Taking a shot at the Australian government, the video exposes the absurdity of longstanding political inaction to address the climate crisis and puts out a not-so-subtle call for collective action.
World Business Council for Sustainable Development president Peter Bakker has said that as the world struggles to cut carbon emissions, businesses will face increasingly tough questions from investors about their decarbonisation plans.
The buildings sector has to decarbonise, and quickly, in the face of climate challenges. Here's how one company is reaching out to new partners to disrupt the status quo and go green.
Industrial cleaning is seldom associated with sustainability, but greener methods do exist and are gaining traction among large manufacturers in Singapore, including petrochemical and pharmaceutical facilities.
Recent events in Australia indicate a growing appetite for renewable energy and energy storage in the energy sector. Pumped hydro, thermal energy storage, hydrogen—which form of storage will reign supreme Down Under?
Wildlife thrives in one of Sumatra’s largest intact peatland forests, and an unlikely coalition of NGOs and businesses is ensuring it remains that way.
Buildings account for a whopping 39 per cent of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions. The best way for the built environment to shrink its carbon footprint is for the industry to work together to find sustainable solutions.
In a region where power demand is soaring, microgrids can increase renewable energy adoption and cut reliance on diesel. The most immediate impact, however, could be the ability to hear birdsong again.
As global attention focuses on forests and the plight of orangutans, the untold part of the palm oil story is people. What is the industry doing to protect palm oil workers' rights and those of the people who defend their land as the industry expands?
As global attention focuses on forests and the plight of orangutans, the untold part of the palm oil story is people. What is the industry doing to protect palm oil workers' rights and those of the people who defend their land as the industry expands?
Sustainable Waste Management in the Year Towards Zero Waste
Ricoh Asia Pacific is presenting to you the Eco Action Day 2019 outcome report, incorporating the summary pointers of the 'Sustainable Waste Management in the Year Towards Zero Waste - Eco Action Day Roundtable' held on 30th May 2019. The roundtable brought together more than 60 government,...
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