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The decision by many Asian countries to embrace gas in their transition financing frameworks may lock the region into a high-emissions future. Only Singapore and Thailand's taxonomies require gas producers to lower emissions.
ESG Book ratings (ASIA)
Weekly Top 5 Movers
4755 Rakuten Group, Inc. 16.70%
4990 Lotte Corp 14.94%
688 China Overseas Land & Investment Limited 8.19%
3402 Toray Industries, Inc. 6.74%
17670 SK Telecom Co., Ltd. 6.53%
Weekly Flop 5 Movers
9843 Nitori Holdings Co., Ltd. -11.95%
3988 Bank of China Limited Class H -2.91%
5380 Hyundai Motor Company -2.51%
3405 Kuraray Co., Ltd. -2.00%
500325 Reliance Industries Limited -1.73%
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India's key export industries such as steel could be hit by the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, which are designed to make sure Europe’s decarbonisation efforts are not undermined by trade partners with weaker pollution standards.

Industry Spotlight

UEM Edgenta_technology
The Chinese tech company has pioneered a ‘Scope 3+’ concept that goes beyond conventional value chain emissions reduction and is targeted at empowering businesses on its platforms to go low-carbon. It brings to Malaysia its suite of AI-based sustainability tools.


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We say this is an “energy transition”. Transition is a rather innocuous word. But the scale of this so-called transition is massive, and we will need to get it done over the next two decades or so, which is not a lot of time, when you think about the enormity of the task.


Suralaya coal-fired power plant
The classification of new coal-fired power plants as "transitional" undermines the credibility of the taxonomy and casts doubt on the government's commitment to lowering Indonesia's emissions.

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Sustainability Leadership A-List 2023
Faced with extreme weather events, the region's urban centres were affected by record temperatures. This year's list – which includes a city mayor and a chief heat officer – demonstrates the importance of local governance and leadership.
Sustainability Leadership Youth A-List 2023
The Eco-Business Sustainability Leadership Youth A-List 2023 features young activists and innovators who are coming together locally to make a difference globally. From fighting to keep a province in the Philippines coal-free to paving more sustainable roads using plastic waste, this year’s winners are “staying with the trouble” on the frontlines of the climate crisis.
Cover pic_used textile 4
Follow the region's used textiles on a journey through sorting, upcycling and recycling as they are diverted from the landfills.
Bali, Indonesia, sustainability startup hub
As the island recovers from a pandemic-induced slump, it is trying to diversify its economy beyond tourism and attract green business. But can eco-startups scale or is Bali more beach than business?

Press Releases

Gree Energy
In a momentous achievement, Gree Energy has proudly clinched the prestigious Dubai International Best Practices Award for Sustainable Development in the category of 'Best Practices in Addressing Climate Change and …