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young people
In a world over saturated with voices, anger offers a way of finally being heard, but is emotion overriding our will to fix the world’s problems?
ESG Book ratings (ASIA)
Weekly Top 5 Movers
9150 Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd 29.20%
11070 LG Innotek Co., Ltd 19.00%
NIO NIO Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 16.10%
6383 Daifuku Co., Ltd. 14.86%
1928 Sekisui House, Ltd. 13.73%
Weekly Flop 5 Movers
8570 AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd. -20.73%
3086 J. FRONT RETAILING Co., Ltd. -20.26%
8267 AEON Co., Ltd. -7.74%
2670 ABC-MART, INC. -5.12%
8905 AEON Mall Co., Ltd. -3.74%
Source: ESG Book
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Picture caption: Habitat loss and alteration, as well as road traffic accidents are cited among the causes of a record number of pangolin deaths in Singapore in 2023. Image: Robin Hicks / Eco-Business
A spike in losses of the critically endangered scaly anteater raises questions about the rate of deforestation and efforts to connect forest patches in the city-state.

Industry Spotlight

Women working on a palm oil plantation in Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia.
Women make up a large but undervalued part of the palm oil industry. How can the "backbone" of Indonesia's palm oil trade be included in the sustainability conversation?


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We say this is an “energy transition”. Transition is a rather innocuous word. But the scale of this so-called transition is massive, and we will need to get it done over the next two decades or so, which is not a lot of time, when you think about the enormity of the task.


Across the globe, political campaigns are targeting young people for their votes, but are they listening to their growing anger over climate inaction?

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Special Reports

onion storage
A year after the Philippines drew international attention for the soaring price of onions, Eco-Business revisits the country's farming problems amid a new mandate for modernising the sector.
Sustainability Leadership A-List 2023
Faced with extreme weather events, the region's urban centres were affected by record temperatures. This year's list – which includes a city mayor and a chief heat officer – demonstrates the importance of local governance and leadership.
Sustainability Leadership Youth A-List 2023
The Eco-Business Sustainability Leadership Youth A-List 2023 features young activists and innovators who are coming together locally to make a difference globally. From fighting to keep a province in the Philippines coal-free to paving more sustainable roads using plastic waste, this year’s winners are “staying with the trouble” on the frontlines of the climate crisis.
Cover pic_used textile 4
Follow the region's used textiles on a journey through sorting, upcycling and recycling as they are diverted from the landfills.

Press Releases

Asia-Pacific & Japan (APJ) hyperscale data centre specialist, AirTrunk, today announced the official opening of its new global headquarters (HQ) in Sydney, Australia, providing a homebase for top talent, innovation, …