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Half the projects being planned, that overlap with important conservation areas, are in India, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. Researchers say there is already enough degraded land to support the world’s energy transition.
Environmentalists need to be more conversant in business models and principles, while problem-solving engineers could benefit from engaging with natural and social scientists. The best solutions will emerge when students and researchers from different disciplines work together.
The Covid-19 pandemic underlines the fact that we are all in this together: no country is immune from major global threats. And the same solidarity between countries and peoples is needed to address the even greater risk of climate change.
Human economies still depend on hydrocarbon fuels. But there are ways to achieve a coal exit, cut emissions and protect health.
A surge in carbon emissions and failure to comply with hazardous waste policies are hindering Asia's progress towards the sustainable development goals, says a UN report. The degradation of its environmental resources is 'alarming', says lead author.
Running only on fast-moving water, the pumps are cheap and easy to maintain, enabling farmers to grow fruit and vegetables.
Indonesia’s trade ministry has stopped a requirement for wood exporters to obtain licenses verifying their wood comes from legal and sustainably managed sources. This could open the door to more illegal logging, experts warn.
China was behind a climate-crunching increase in coal power capacity in 2019, and the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to make Chinese policymakers determined to see these investments through. But globally the writing is on the wall for the world's dirtiest fossil fuel as new coal development slumped.
From motels to railway stations, buildings are being rapidly repurposed to house the homeless during the coronavirus lockdown.
The report reveals the worst environmental conditions in many decades, if not centuries.
No single story has dominated the international press as much so far this century. How can climate change, which will likely prove far deadlier than the...
In addition to threatening millions of lives and the global economy, the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that human societies are capable of transforming...
Asia Pacific has taken great strides to eradicate poverty and hunger, but the region must do more—and fast—to meet environment-focused Sustainable Development...
After months of deliberation, Eco-Business has compiled a list of the most impactful sustainability executives in Asia Pacific—people who are changing their businesses and industries for the better. They are, the Eco-Business A-List…
The Dayak Iban community of Sungai Utik has long fought to protect the forest and their place in it. After nearly half a century, they are now owners of over 10,000 hectares of customary land.
[EB SPECIAL REPORT] What does it take to transform a business into a good corporate citizen? Eco-Business spoke to some of Asia’s most influential sustainability executives to find out.
The car industry is among the world’s most polluting. Amid growing public pressure to cut emissions and with new solutions disrupting their business model, how can automakers prepare for the dramatic changes ahead and help tackle global warming?
Industries are requiring ever more water in an increasingly water-stressed world. What can businesses do to reduce their risks and reliance on the resource?
Rice is the most polluting grain, but demand for the staple food is growing. A project called the Sustainable Rice Platform started in 2015 and has grown to 500,000 farmers across 21 countries today. It’s only just getting started.
Businesses hardly ever adopt renewable energy for altruistic reasons, but does that matter? In this interview with Eco-Business, Lionel Steinitz, CEO of LYS Energy, talks about why firms go green, and how Southeast Asia can unlock its solar potential.
Six in 10 Prudential Singapore staff are women. Outgoing CEO Wilf Blackburn explains how addressing gender bias, ageism and hierarchy is helping the firm to achieve its main sustainability ambition: help people live longer.
Rising temperatures, drought and heavy rain will affect rubber yields and disease outbreaks. Rubber growers can boost resilience by adopting better cultivation methods, but will need more support.
From banks to builders, more companies are going carbon neutral. Carbon offsetting is not without controversy, but in cases where sustainability can only be approached and not achieved, it may be the appropriate way to balance out emissions.
He spent a big part of his career developing calorie-laden snacks. Now, entrepreneur Christoph Langwallner is reinventing instant noodles in his quest to promote sustainable agriculture and provide more nutritious comfort food.
The coronavirus is putting nations' clean energy commitments to the test. In the face of unprecedented strain on healthcare and a looming recession, can governments ensure renewables keep the wind in their sails?
Sustainability chief for Asian conglomerate New World Development, Ellie Tang was behind the creation of Hong Kong's first urban biodiversity museum. In this interview, Tang talks about how to sell sustainability to CEOs, and one question sustainability leaders should be asking themselves this year.
An alliance between an environmental group and an agribusiness company aims to reduce encroachment by smallholder coffee farmers in the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, one of Sumatra’s last stands of lowland forest.
Building a digital water management system for Thailand
Effective water management is crucial for both Thailand's large agricultural sector and for its fast developing high-tech manufacturing sector. Cloudasset's Digital Solution for Water Management integrated over 40 databases and data from satellites and over 30,000 sensors to provide Thailand...
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