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In her new role at IFC, Horowitz says climate will be her key focus. The World Bank Group’s investment arm, however, has been in the limelight this year for engaging in a few controversial projects, including for bankrolling a coal boom in the Philippines.
Environment of poverty
According to the World Bank, about 480 million people—some 6 percent of the world—will remain in extreme poverty if no significant shifts in policy are made.
UNFCCC celebrates
As we approach the end of the year, Eco-Business looks at the headlines that dominated the sustainable business and policy landscape in 2015.
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This year presents significant opportunities for the global community to lay the foundation for a development agenda that puts efforts to tackle climate change and poverty on the same path.
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Governments should be using the current crisis to double up on foreign development spending. The more support that developing and emerging economies have to weather the storm, the faster the global recovery will be.
A sticker calls for action against Aids seen in a shopfront in Indonesia
The drop in Aids-related deaths has lulled the world into a false sense of accomplishment. International HIV/Aids Alliance's Christine Stegling argues that the struggle against HIV must be integrated into sustainable development planning.
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To solve the global refugee crisis, it's time to begin allocating more funding to peace-keeping and building stronger societies, writes OECD's Jorge Moreira da Silva.
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Will a new set of goals help the world shift from a dangerous business-as-usual path to one of true sustainable development? Can UN goals actually make a difference? Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs is optimistic that they can.
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