2013 Pilot International Awards Ceremony

Every year, at the closure of the World Clean Technology Summit, Pilot International rewards Green Entrepreneurs in Clean and Renewable Energy, Environmental Innovations and Sustainability to individuals, companies, projects and organizations via an open nomination from around the world. Call for nominations for the 2013 awards of Excellency is now open.

Send your inquiries to: info@pilotinternationalconferences.com, Robinah@pilot-int.org, info@pilot-int.org
Click here to view previous winners: http://www.pilot-int.org/awards.htm

About Pilot International

Founded in 2006, Pilot International was the first private sector driven International Organization based in Uganda, whose purpose is to promote global sustainable development for the benefit of humanity and the planet. Since its foundation, Pilot International has continued to be dedicated to provide a global platform to its members, partners, subscribers and environmental responsible minds to promote Global Sustainability by provision of direct business, funding and partnership opportunities and linkages through International conferences, Publishing and Dissemination, Membership services, Projects, Rewarding and celebrating Global Innovations;  as well as to achieve 3 of the millennium development goals, such as MDG3: Promoting Gender Equality & Women Empowerment; MDG7: Ensuring Environmental Sustainability and MDG8: Developing a Global Partnership for Development.

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