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Delivering on circularity - feasibility study for reusable e-commerce packaging in Singapore
E-commerce in Singapore is booming, with over 200,000 e-commerce parcels delivered daily in the country. Further accelerated by Covid-19, the sector is projected to grow by nearly 50% by 2025. …
PACT Impact Report 2021
Started by WWF-Singapore and based on WWF's No Plastic in Nature Initiative, Plastic ACTion (PACT) is a business initiative that aims to reduce waste and move towards a circular economy. …
Circularity in retail - Tackling the waste problem
As one of the largest generators of waste in Singapore, the retail sector has a critical role to advance circularity and support Singapore's Zero Waste Master Plan. Initial efforts to …
Reducing plastic use in fashion: A stepwise guide for fashion businesses to reduce plastic packaging
Created by Plastic ACTion (PACT) of WWF-SG, this guide is created mainly for businesses in the fashion industry - from manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce - looking to minimise packaging waste …
PACT Impact Report 2020
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore released its PACT (Plastic Action) Impact Report, detailing the achievements of PACT. It showcases statistics and responses of PACT member companies, their …
Mitigating social impact in a low-carbon Singapore
The global fight against climate change is gradually gaining momentum, with countries like Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, and the EU reaffirming commitment to the Paris Agreement, and more than …
Industry Innovation in the Year of Climate Action - Eco Action Day Roundtable
As Asia pursues industrial growth, the world's fastest growing region is struggling to balance development with sustainable resource use, and ensuring that prosperity is fairly shared. This report examines the …
Tackling Asia’s plastic problem
How to tackle Asia's plastic problem? Ban, tax, recycle or redesign? What can Asia do to fight one of the toughest environmental challenges of our time?
Circular Economy Industry Roundtable: Towards a Circular Singapore
It is more critical than ever to push the boundaries of innovation and forge a new path towards a more sustainable future, and the circular economy is one idea that …
Informal waste management in China
The latest addition to our publications series “Informal Waste Management”, a report that we have constructed after interviewing dozens of stakeholders, visiting waste management sites, and following the paths of …
Coming full circle: Strategies for a zero waste Singapore
After decades of producing, consuming and disposing, Singapore is waking up to the social and environmentalconsequences of a throw-away culture.
Waste management and the circular economy in Asia
In July, the SWITCH-Asia Network Facility organised a conference on waste management and the circular economy in Asia, where participants from SWITCH-Asia projects, experts and policy-makers discussed waste management approaches …
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