Informal waste management in China

Informal waste management in China

Most people can make money from waste … They start work at five in the morning and get off at 10 at night; they never rest and don’t spend much money. In one year, about 72,000 RMB. After a little over a year, you can really make that much money. 10 years down the road, you can save quite a lot.”

Owner, Large Collection Centre

The latest addition to our publications series “Informal Waste Management”, a report that we have constructed after interviewing dozens of stakeholders, visiting waste management sites, and following the paths of a wide range of materials, and through this report, readers will gain a deep understanding of the growing challenge that are faced in China, the formal and informal systems that are in place, and the actors who are involved in the informal system.

Actors whose daily work involves capturing, segregating, consolidating, and selling the materials that are being discarded as resources for other industries. Industries, like the paper and packaging industry, whose own economic model depends on the efficiency of the informal sector.

It is a report we believe will offer valuable insights for executives who are in the waste management industry, but is a report that leaders from manufacturing, FMCG, and services will find equally valuable as the economics and regulations of waste are becoming a challenge for many value chains.

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