PACT Impact Report 2021

PACT Impact Report 2021

Started by WWF-Singapore, Plastic ACTion (PACT) is a business initiative that aims to reduce waste and move towards a circular economy. Through commitments with time-bound numerical targets, businesses are empowered with guidance and best practices, to adapt their business models and processes to be more resource-efficient.

This Impact Report provides progress updates to stakeholders, outlines new initiatives, and includes inspiring, innovative case studies featuring PACT companies in their drive to reduce plastics usage. It includes a foreword, by Minister for Sustainability and the Environment Grace Fu, on the alignment of PACT’s vision (No Plastics in Nature by 2030) with the Government’s Zero Waste Masterplan and Green Plan.

Despite the challenging year, PACT companies have doubled down efforts to reduce plastics by eliminating unnecessary plastics and switching to reusable packaging and alternative materials. PACT companies have collectively avoided using 85 million pieces of plastic items and packaging annually:

  • 14 million items and packaging from PACT Champions (e.g. amenity items, F&B items)
  • 3.6 million bags from the Retail Bag Charge Bags; and
  • 67.6 million pieces of cutlery from the Food Delivery Pledge.

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