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Petrol station attendant Naeem Satti charges an electric SUV at a charging station in Islamabad, Pakistan
Spurred on by hefty new tax exemptions for electric vehicle imports, an ambitious policy to cut carbon emissions and urban pollution is picking up speed.
soybean farm Brazil
Around 87 per cent of the US$540 billion in total annual government support given worldwide to agricultural producers includes measures that are price distorting and that can be harmful to nature and health.
solar power malaysia 1
To achieve its carbon targets, Malaysia should work on a decarbonisation task force and mandatory climate education among other solutions, urged experts.
cut poverty and energy use to cool climate
To cut poverty and energy use would cool the planet, build a more just society — but end dreams of economic growth.
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central asia drought
Global efforts involving awareness-raising, nudging, and shaming are necessary but not sufficient to prevent a climate crisis. Addressing the problem more effectively requires international governance arrangements that amount to a new social contract on global public goods.
notice about the shortage of Covid-19 vaccine supplies India
If the world wants to beat back the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure no one is left behind in the recovery, two issues thrown into sharp relief by the pandemic need attention: digitalisation and regional cooperation.
Will the children of Vanuatu have a future?
Asking nations hit by storms to buy insurance against them is like making victims of car accidents—rather than drivers—pay the costs.
Farmer in the Philippines planting rice
A strong, effective fund is needed more than ever to serve the Paris Agreement, writes Javier Manzanares.
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ford unveiling
Automakers are touting overseas investments in electric vehicles, even as they lobby for lower fuel standards in the United States.
dicaprio at un
At the UN Climate Summit, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio delivered a stern message to government leaders, telling them to stop ignoring the reality of climate change. Watch his speech here:
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Solar panels in the fields in India
Sponsored [The EB Podcast] Clean energy is tipped as the solution to Asia's energy trilemma—the need to scale up energy access, but in an affordable and sustainable way. How can technology help the region realise the full potential of clean energy?
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