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The EU’s newly agreed carbon border levy may act as an ‘external incentive’ to motivate China’s carbon market to grow.
COP27 protests_02
The report by a group led by economist Thomas Piketty proposes a global progressive wealth tax between 1.5 to 3 per cent on centimillionaires to generate US$295 billion a year—of which US$91 billion could come from Asia.
Reaching net zero and protecting nature and the environment require major shifts at the UN COP27 climate summit and beyond.
Simon Stiell says transition towards fighting climate change more effectively needs revamped institutions and new political will.
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Meghalaya coal
India must make a fiscal transition alongside the energy transition. Here's how it could make a start
Pollution_CBAM_Indonesia_Cisadane river
Southeast Asian countries should carefully weigh the economic and environmental impacts of unilateral climate policies like the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).
Climate change-induced drought in Mongolia
The fallout from Covid-19, climate change and conflicts are no longer isolated pockets of misery. We need a new multilateral system – one mirroring national schemes on taxes, incentives and accountability – to provide global public goods.
central asia drought
Global efforts involving awareness-raising, nudging, and shaming are necessary but not sufficient to prevent a climate crisis. Addressing the problem more effectively requires international governance arrangements that amount to a new social contract on global public goods.
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ford unveiling
Automakers are touting overseas investments in electric vehicles, even as they lobby for lower fuel standards in the United States.
dicaprio at un
At the UN Climate Summit, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio delivered a stern message to government leaders, telling them to stop ignoring the reality of climate change. Watch his speech here:
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Earth for all podcast
"Earth For All" is an update to the landmark 1972 book that warned of our unsustainable growth. Jørgen Randers, the author who worked on both titles, tells Eco-Business what is at stake if we don't fix our broken economic system.
Solar panels in the fields in India
EB Studio [The EB Podcast] Clean energy is tipped as the solution to Asia's energy trilemma—the need to scale up energy access, but in an affordable and sustainable way. How can technology help the region realise the full potential of clean energy?
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