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[The EB Podcast] Clean energy is tipped as the solution to Asia's energy trilemma—the need to scale up energy access, but in an affordable and sustainable way. How can technology help the region realise the full potential of clean energy?

The global energy sector is facing massive disruption at a huge pace and scale; this is playing out in Asia, where almost a billion people still lack access to electricity today, and energy demand is rising faster than the rest of the world.

The consequences of meeting this growing demand solely with fossil fuels, which currently make up the bulk of the global energy mix, would be devastating for the climate, and health, of the region’s residents. Clean energy solutions—including energy efficiency technology, renewable sources, and energy storage—say advocates, are a way for Asia to balance its need for energy security with its climate goals.

But the growth of smart energy solutions in the region is hindered by cost, technical know-how, and policy barriers.

To unpack the complex energy debate, we spoke to Dr Sanjay Kuttan, programme director at the Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Energy Research Institute @ NTU, about the future of energy. 

Join us as we discuss questions such as: 

  • What is smart energy and how can it solve Asia’s energy challenges?
  • What policies are needed to support the transition to a smart, sustainable energy future? 
  • How do governments and companies meaningfully engage consumers in a conversation about energy, which can be technical, daunting, and sometimes confusing?

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