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An initial 10 million pieces were distributed by the central bank for the rollout, with another 490 million pieces due to be distributed next year.
Factory_Sri Lanka_1
Low pay, long hours, risky conditions: what is the price of the West's wardrobe? As an economic crisis stalls Sri Lanka's pandemic recovery, women garment workers are bearing the brunt.
The Indonesian export ban on palm oil comes in as the world grapples with high cooking oil prices with the loss of sunflower oils following the conflict in Ukraine.
Workers at this garment factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh
Thousands of Asian garment factories producing wares for brands including Adidas, Nike and ASOS could be underwater by 2030 due to rising sea-levels, but research shows that buyers have "no plans" to mitigate possible large-scale losses of jobs and income.
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Lululemon shopfront
Bumper profits and hefty price-tags do not equate to athleisure brand, Lululemon's, social mission and core sustainability considerations. Lululemon should find the time to realign itself with its supposed socially-oriented values.
clothing store germany
In response to the environmental crisis of fast fashion, the fashion industry is taking active steps to introduce recycling and reduce waste. But how can individuals make easy choices and adopt more environmentally-friendly styles?
fast fashion store london
The fashion industry runs on a business model that generates negative externalities for both people and planet. What are the real costs of your clothes?
Supermarket singapore food waste
A target under the UN's Sustainable Development Goals is to halve food waste by 2030. Here's what individuals, companies and retailers need to bring to the table to achieve that.
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whole foods supermarket
Unchecked capitalism has been blamed for many of today's global challenges such as climate change, rising income inequality and worker exploitation. A new documentary about conscious capitalism shares how businesses can continue to profit, but in a way that doesn't undermine global social or environmental goals.
hk ivory trade
Non-profit groups WildAid and African Wildlife Foundation have released a video containing undercover footage, exposing ivory laundering in Hong Kong and the loopholes in its regulations on smuggled tusks.
spore bldg windows
Weber Shandwick’s new study examined eight cities in Asia Pacific and how the 'soft power' attributes of cities exert influence and attract people, with Singapore topping the list for its innovative approach to sustainability and the environment.
inglorious food
French supermarket Intermarche has launched an ‘Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables’ campaign that raises awareness on food waste and gets customers to buy ugly produce that otherwise gets thrown away. Here's how they did it.
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