Consumer Goods Forum to present at High Performance Energy 2016 Sydney

Ignacio Gavilan, the global sustainability director of The Consumer Goods Forum will be a keynote speaker at High Performance Energy, April 5/6 in Sydney.

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is the leading global industry association for the food retailing and food manufacturing industry. They are comprised of over 400 multinational firms for whom refrigeration is mission critical; a large proportion of which have operations in Australia.

It matters because CGF members are refrigeration users. They rely on something in the order of 1 million refrigeration installations in Australia and tens of millions worldwide. They have selected a wide range of natural refrigerant-based technology and proven to themselves that it is superior in cost, performance and sustainability. They are therefore an expert independent authority that has unequivocally endorsed hydrocarbon, ammonia and carbon dioxide refrigerant use and refrigeration systems.

Mr. Gavilan will describe the CGF commitment to adopt natural refrigerant-based technology throughout their supply chain: why and how. Why they consider natural refrigerant-based technology is superior, the work they have done to develop, validate and optimize refrigeration systems and how CGF members are converting their refrigeration systems to natural refrigerants.

The implications are fundamental for the HVACR industry. In line with the work of the Montreal Protocol and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, CGF members will lead the way in demonstrating the value of natural refrigerant-based technology.

Mr. Gavilan will describe the regulatory and educational requirements associated with the use of their chosen refrigeration systems. These same issues arise in all HVACR sectors and therefore provide a template for shifting the entire HVACR industry to high efficiency, low emissions technology. There are significant barriers to the adoption of natural refrigerant based systems. Mr Gavilan will describe these and explain what the CGF is doing to address them.

High Performance Energy is a seminar driven conference for the purpose of providing guidance on energy efficiency across the range of sectors relevant to the built environment. We have brought together the many different ways to reduce energy consumption in the built environment with emphasis on improvements to existing facilities.

We invite all parties interested in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to meet Mr Gavilan and some the Australian members of the CGF.

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