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Singtel building with solar panels
The Singapore telco major is also now targeting a 40 per cent reduction in Scope 3 third-party emissions in the same period, measured against 2023 levels. The firm announced a 2045 net-zero ambition last year.
How Technology Reproduces & Amplifies Harassment & Abuse of Women Journalists
While technology has opened up opportunities for women journalists to communicate, they now reproduce and amplify harassment and abuse of the professionals across platforms.
Singles' Day in China
All over the world, online shopping has become part of daily life, but have we thought about its impact on the planet and society as we know it?
shioashiya smart city
EB Studio Rapid urbanisation is the defining challenge for Asia Pacific in coming decades. Eco-Business looks at some smart solutions adopted by cities to keep up with growing energy and waste needs and strengthen their economies in the process.
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Nurjan Toktomambetova, is a member of self-help group of women entrepreneurs
At current rates of progress, women today won't be seeing gender equality in their lifetimes. UNESCAP's Shamshad Akhtar explains why women entrepreneurs are key to gender equality and how to encourage more women to be their own bosses this International Women's Day.
happy farmer in china
Getting more farms online in China will help boost productivity and inclusive growth, says ADB's Ayumi Konishi.
Children in Thailand read off a mobile phone ICT
True change will come if we stop treating data as a techie bolt-on and reach marginalised groups, says Web Foundation's Ana Brandusescu.
Cambodia Independence monument
As Asean celebrates being ‘50 years young’, it must put sustainable development front and centre of its obsession with growth.
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EB Studio Amid concerns that the rise of industrial robots may soon render humans obsolete, Swiss automation giant ABB’s latest innovation may help shine a new light on what the future will look like when humans and robots can work together as partners.
toshiba bus
The Japanese conglomerate is developing technologies that can power smart communities, including electric buses equipped with GPS and fast-charging batteries.
SIngapore aerial wide
Singapore's Urban Redevelopment Authority is using cutting edge GIS and 3D mapping technology to make its urban development and design efforts faster and more accurate.
ICT and climate change
At the recent Conference of the Parties in Warsaw, one of the sideline events was the UN's Momentum …
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girl in japan with robot
EB Studio [The EB Podcast] Will the Fourth Industrial Revolution truly deliver a more efficient, and sustainable future for everyone? Find out in the inaugural episode of The Eco-Business Podcast.
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