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Tar sands oil projects financing
The world’s top banks pumped US$742 billion into fossil fuels in 2021, only slightly less than 2020, analysis shows.
South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation (SLTEC) coal facility in Calaca, Batangas2
The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, whose archbishops are major stockholders in the second biggest financier of coal in the country, declared that it will stop investing in banks that fund “dirty energy”.
Exxon Campus Concerts at NUS
A student coalition says Singapore's universities should divest from fossil fuels, and the likes of Shell, ExxonMobil, and BP should not be permitted to promote their brands on university campuses as they threaten academic freedom to criticise the environmental impact of oil and gas companies.
Mary Barra, CEO, General Motors
The greater the mix of gender, race and age on a company's board, the more likely the firm is to take bolder climate action, a study of the world's greenhouse gas emitters has found.
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fossil free future sg
In Asian universities, students often have little say about what happens on campus. As student divestment groups in the region gain momentum, it’s time for universities to listen to what their students have to say about issues that will affect their future.
Harvard divest
Despite the increasing urgency of the climate crisis, many of the world’s most powerful financial actors have continued to invest in the fossil-fuel industry. But a new trend in the law is forcing institutional investors to decarbonise their portfolios – or be held legally accountable.
Bangui Wind Farm in Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
With the urgency of the climate crisis becoming clearer by the day, governments and multilateral lenders must end public financing for fossil fuels and increase their support for renewables as soon as possible. This year's United Nations climate-change conference offers the perfect opportunity to lock in such commitments.
coal mine in indonesia
Singapore is a key facilitator of coal projects regionally, particularly in Indonesia. As impacts of climate change worsen, Singapore must go beyond encouraging green finance, to regulating funding for environmentally destructive projects.

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System change not climate change
Pension funds are some of the world's largest investors—holding trillions in assets—billions of which are pumped into fossil fuel companies like Shell, BP, and Total.
fossil fuel warning on greenwash ads
In the video, environmental law group ClientEarth compares the oil and gas giant's advertisements on its low-carbon investments to a burger chain claiming that they’re vegan because they’ve got salad on the menu.
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Blackrock podcast
Exclusive The world's largest asset manager says it has put sustainability at the core of its investment approach. Eco-Business speaks to Shinbo Won, BlackRock's investment stewardship director in Singapore about what this means for investors, and how companies are responding to increased ESG pressure.
People using ATM machines in Singapore. Image: Robin Hicks/Eco-Business
Fossil fuels, tobacco, weapons—our banks could be spending our money on things we don't want them to. Eco-Business talks to finance expert Mayur Singh about why consumers in Asia should asking banks how they spend their money.
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