DNV GL top executive to lead Norway’s business sector climate network

DNV GL top executive to lead Norway's business sector climate network
With its new CEO, business-led climate network Norway 203040 hopes to expand the influence of business in the transition to low-emission society.

DNV GL’s Bjørn Kjærand Haugland is the new CEO of the climate network Norway 203040.

“It is extremely motivating for me to lead this business-led climate initiative that gathers companies with the most ambitious climate commitments in Norway to take a leading role in the transition to the low-emission society,” Kjærand Haugland said.

 Norway 203040 CEO Bjørn Kjærand Haugland.

“The business sector plays a crucial role in the transition we are facing. Norway 203040 has an industrial perspective. We will turn climate challenges into opportunities and develop green competitiveness.”

“We work with top management and see that gathering companies from different sectors drives innovation. Therefore, it has been crucial that several of the companies that have come the longest have joined the coalition,” said Kjærand Haugland, who also invites companies with climate ambitions to get in touch.

Kjærand Haugland comes from the position as the Chief Sustainability Officer in DNV GL, where he played a central role in driving company-wide sustainability initiatives and in supporting DNV GL to build a strong global sustainability position, focus and profile.

Sustainability is today incorporated into DNV GL’s overall business strategy and operations, and it stays at the core of DNV GL’s vision of making a global impact for a safe and sustainable future. Starting in the company’s Oil and Gas business area and having held various roles and management positions within all business areas in Norway, Korea and China, Kjærand Haugland is a globally recognised voice within sustainability and has a broad experience engaging business, government and academia.

Expanding the influence of the business-driven climate network

Norway 203040 is a business-driven climate initiative. Its purpose is to identify new business opportunities on the way to the low-emission society and be a driving force in reaching Norway’s climate goals by 2030. The initiative will lift business opportunities that exist in the transition to the low-emission society and point out measures that are needed for business and for the authorities.

Jens Ulltveit-Moe, CEO of industrial investment company UMOE and founder and chairman of Norway 203040, said: “We wanted to strengthen the outcome of the network by hiring a CEO. Our voice has not been strong enough, so we need to strengthen it. I am glad that Bjørn is now entering the role of CEO and I am confident that hiring him will lift us to new levels”.

Commitment at top management level

Participants in the climate network are committed to engaging at the top management level. The companies have clear climate goals, and they are willing to walk the talk about it.

Idar Kreutzer, CEO of Finance Norway and board member, Norway 203040 said: “The business community plays a crucial role in the transition to the low-emission society, and in the efforts to develop green competitiveness. Therefore, it is important that some of the companies in Norway that have come furthest have joined forces in the climate network Norway 203040. When Bjørn Kjærand Haugland now joins as CEO, it will further increase the power of the work and reinforce the best practice sharing and targeted collaboration between the companies.”

The environmental organization ZERO and WWF World Wildlife Foundation contribute to the climate network by facilitating partnership and supporting the network’s main objectives. ZERO is the host office for the climate network in the period 2019-2021.

For more info contact: info@norge203040.no

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