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wood pellets burning
A major political and environmental dispute is coming to a boil in the run-up to COP26 in Scotland this November, as the European Union and the forestry industry claim the science shows biomass is sustainable and produces zero emissions.
forest biomass - feature
A major political and environmental dispute is heating up as the forestry industry and governments promote forest biomass as sustainable while forest advocates and many researchers squarely disagree.
Liaoning Province China Coal Plant
Forty nations — producers of 80% of annual carbon emissions — made pledges of heightened climate ambition last week at US President Joe Biden’s Leaders Summit on Climate but activists pointed to the abysmal lack of action by those nations.
bamboo indonesia
As Indonesia looks to replace diesel and indoor fires with access to cleaner, healthier energy, advocates say bamboo is a viable solution, but early projects have hit teething troubles.
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Mongabay Founder Rhett A. Butler: 11 things to watch in 2021
2020 was a rough year for tropical rainforest conservation efforts. So what’s in store for 2021? Mongabay Founder Rhett A. Butler reviews 11 key things to watch in the world of rainforests in 2021.
bamboo wall 1
Bamboo is a surprisingly effective carbon sink and is being promoted by the government as a uniquely Chinese solution to climate change.
The Green Circle Eco-Farm, July 2020. photo credit: Vivian Lee
Covid-19 has highlighted food insecurity in imports-dependent Singapore. Ng Huiying, Woon Tien Wei and Tan Hang Chong argue that food security is a matter of national security, and it is time to reimagine Singapore's potential for growing food.
Ferrybridge coal power stations
As lower levels of coal and gas are burned due to lower electricity demand in Europe, wind and solar reached a record-high share of demand in the past 30 days, offering valuable insights on the road to zero-carbon electricity systems.
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Simon Lord and Pamela Mar on Sustainability One on One
In the first in a new video series where sustainability leaders interview each other about the toughest things about their jobs, Simon Lord of Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby Plantation went head to head with Pamela Mar of Hong Kong-based textile and apparel giant Fung Group.
Greenpeace ad used by Iceland in the United Kingdom has been banned for being political.
The ad, which was made by Greenpeace and rebadged by Iceland, was blocked from airing on television by the UK's ad watchdog because it broke rules on political advertising. Iceland says it is not anti-palm oil, 'we are anti-deforestation.'
ethanol from biofuel by dsm
Dutch multinational DSM's chief technology officer Marcel Wubbolts shares how the company's persistence in positioning sustainability as a core driver for profits seems to have paid off.
POIC Lahad Datu Biomass
Five companies have signed a first-of-its-kind joint venture to pool together their biomass waste for recycling into useful feedstock. Mark Laudi reports.
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Indigenous community, Amazon
The clean energy sector’s poor human rights performance places its legitimacy at risk. Jessie Cato of the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre sheds light on how the industry can avoid labour abuse, land grabs and other violations.
oil palm plantation workers take a rest from work
Sponsored As global attention focuses on forests and the plight of orangutans, the untold part of the palm oil story is people. What is the industry doing to protect palm oil workers' rights and those of the people who defend their land as the industry expands?
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