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Oil field near wind turbines
Exclusive EXCLUSIVE: This revision – which comes as banks face increasing scrutiny over their fossil fuel decarbonisation targets – will better reflect the UK lender's progress in reducing financed emissions, as the long-used revenue-based carbon intensity model “can be very misleading,” StanChart's chief sustainability officer Marisa Drew told Eco-Business.
COP28 briefing
Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Al Suwaidi outlined the UAE's ambition as COP28 host nation and defended the controversial move to appoint the country's state energy company chief as president of the crucial climate negotiations.
Environmental advocates have questioned Qatar’s net-zero carbon promise and are urging FIFA to consider impacts of climate change.
COP27 Picture 4
Some say ESG is in need of a rethink. There are others who have outrightly called it a 'scam'. In 2022, ESG investing made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But might there still be value in defending the concept?
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Floating solar panels on Srinakarin lake, Thailand.
Clean energy alternatives are a crucial hedge against future disruptions in global commodity markets.
central asia drought
Global efforts involving awareness-raising, nudging, and shaming are necessary but not sufficient to prevent a climate crisis. Addressing the problem more effectively requires international governance arrangements that amount to a new social contract on global public goods.
Factory emissions1
There is only so much carbon dioxide that can be removed from the atmosphere sustainably. For companies making bold climate pledges, prevention is better than cure.
#metoo oslo womens march
Collective action against sexual harassment did not emerge with the #MeToo campaign. In several countries, particularly in the Global South, that campaign has overshadowed existing movements and impeded ongoing struggles for women’s rights.

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Cheap oil is a trap

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father shows light to son
Diamonds aren't just for engagement rings and cutting tools—they can bring light to dark places.
sahara forest project
There Will Be Water documents an engineer's efforts to use seawater and sunlight to grow crops in deserts. The story of cool innovations and hard struggles against systemic barriers is inspiring viewing for all sustainability advocates.
neeti kailas
EB Studio [Sponsored Video] The Rolex Awards for Enterprise honours five young achievers for their remarkable innovation in medical science, environmental conservation and geological exploration.
mall of the world waterfalls
The emirate says the world's largest mall will be built as a smart city following environmentally-friendly guidelines, but experts and observers voice concerns on the ambitious nature of the project.
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