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  • Partners for the Environment

    Partners for the Environment
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    With Singapore’s population set to grow along with demand for energy and resources, the city faces the challenge of balancing growth with sustainability amid a growing backdrop of worsening climate change.

    To achieve a sustainable economy, collaboration is critical. Governments, businesses and individuals must work together to make Singapore more sustainable and resilient.

    Singapore’s mission to do this is embodied by the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB) – a $1.5 billion effort for the country to become more clean and green by 2030.

    To rally Singaporeans behind this green vision, the government in 2016 launched the Sustainable Singapore Movement (SSM), a public campaign to encourage society to adopt greener practices and move towards a sustainable city.

    Neither the SSB nor SSM can be achieved by government alone, which is why it is vital for the 3P sectors – People, Private and Public – to work together on common objectives and targets.

    To foster these important connections, the Ministry for the Environment and Water Resources and Eco-Business held the inaugural Partners for the Environment Forum in Singapore on August 1.

    Featuring distinguished speakers including Guest of Honour Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Masagos Zulkifli, and Erin Meezan, Vice-President and Chief Sustainability Officer of Interface, the event offered valuable insights why sustainability is now top of government and business agendas, and the role each stakeholder plays in achieving a more sustainable Singapore.

    Read this post-event report for highlights from the conference

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