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Mekong River_Cambodia
While Tonle Sap is recognised as a resource worthy of protection, countless other lakes, ponds and wetlands also depend on Mekong flooding but are dwindling away unnoticed.
Indonesia, the second-biggest marine capture producer in the world after China, is witnessing a fish stock decline.
waves thailand
With green energy from wind and solar out-competing fossil fuels, governments now hope for another boost − blue energy from the oceans.
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As a world in climate crisis enters a new decade, Eco-Business highlights five major trends that will shape society and business in the coming year.
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Tacloban city in the Philippines after the destruction wrought by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013
Typhoon season in Asia is an annual, grim reminder of the need for more resilient infrastructure as the impact of climate change intensifies. Arcadis’ John Batten III talks about how cities can prepare themselves for worse weather.
A wind farm beside a river in China
China is establishing itself as a renewables leader in richer nations but is still pushing polluting coal technology in Asia and Africa.
To avoid 2 degrees of climate change, global carbon emissions will need to be reduced by at least …
CSIRO recently announced that energy from the ocean could supply 11 per cent of Australia's demand by 2050. …
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solar gili air id
Southeast Asia's largest energy consumer has been slow to transition to renewables, but recent policies point to greater expansion of the country's solar, tidal and geothermal energy production.
semakau ntu grid
Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University is building the region’s first model electricity grid that can tap and distribute power from multiple energy sources, including fossil fuels and renewable energy.
visitor centre tidal power
The Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay is looking to build a sustainable marine community that relies on tidal power for low carbon electricity, food security from aquaculture, and eco-tourism for their livelihood. Watch the video here.
Haiyan from space
Even before Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines with such devastating force, weather watchers around the world had been …
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