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csxc grand finale 2021
Climatech Corp and Inovues were awarded the Most Innovative Award and High Impact Award at the first global built environment-focused innovation challenge.
MRF San Fernando Pampanga
Exclusive As a proposed bill on the phase-out of throwaway plastic gains ground, industry experts argue that bans cannot co-exist with a circular economy. But is the problem too large to be fixed with repurposing single-use plastic?
Mro indigenous community protest
As a five-star hotel and amusement park are built in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, locals are fearful of losing water sources and say traditional livelihoods of 10,000 residents will be harmed.
Fragile cities are being inundated with people fleeing the impacts of climate change. How can they cope?
Multi-stakeholder partnerships that include displaced people in the process show promise for helping overwhelmed communities deal with an influx of climate migrants from rural areas.
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Sual 1 coal plant Pangasinan, Philippines
Ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November, Eco-Business highlights some of the major issues the Southeast Asian country must address to attain its vision of a low-carbon future.
guinea frontline workers
Governments should be using the current crisis to double up on foreign development spending. The more support that developing and emerging economies have to weather the storm, the faster the global recovery will be.
Kutupalong refugee camp
To build a better world, every action counts. When it comes to ending the Covid-19 pandemic, those actions must include a broad global commitment to ensuring that all people—including refugees—are protected.
signs and markings for social distancing
Warmer and wetter weather might hold down the Covid-19 infection rate. But even if the hoped-for relationship between transmission and warm weather is valid, it may not be causal or straightforward, especially given seasonal behavior.
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manila bay with boats
The Philippine government has begun the process of relocating more than 200,000 families living along waterways to restore Manila Bay, the main body of water in the capital.
child receives a drink of water in Sudan
Worldwide, 100 million families are stuck in a cycle of poverty and disease because of the lack of access to clean water. What would it take to slake humanity's thirst for water in a sustainable way?
watersprint solar purifier
Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed a water purification plant that provides clean water far beyond …
nanotechnology toilet
Designed with nanotechnology, the portable toilet recycles human waste into fertiliser without the need for water or electricity. Here's how.
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