SIWW 2018 Blue Paper: What will drive the next era of water management?

SIWW 2018 Blue Paper: What will drive the next era of water management?

Countries will be confronted with an increasingly complex challenge over the next 15 years. Major risks such as poorly managed urbanisation, climate change, and unequal rather than inclusive growth in many societies, are converging and compounding one another.

They may also spread and become global issues, for instance, through forced migration. It is thus imperative for countries to resolve such problems by adapting innovations from multiple sources, including governments, companies, and civic society. Indeed, there is ample opportunity for countries to share solutions for a more sustainable environment, effective investments in human capital, and urban planning for more cohesive communities.

The 2018 Blue Paper highlights key discussions from the recent Singapore International Water Week, marking its 10 years of water excellence. It contains insights from global water leaders and experts on the circular economy, closed-water-energy-waste loops, water reuse, and digitalisation which hope to inform policy and business and catalyse action towards liveable, water-secure, and sustainable Asian cities of the future.


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