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As India and Pakistan struggled to cope with soaring temperatures this month, experts warn lack of access to cooling tech like AC, fridges and fans will cost lives and livelihoods.
Wind farm_India
In less than a year, India has faced its second coal sector crisis that has led to nationwide power supply issues.
prosumers philippines
Filipino households have seen a spike in electricity usage since the coronavirus confined residents to their homes. Could this spark a movement where the average citizen becomes both a power producer and consumer?
illegal electricity manila
Exclusive Filipinos pay the second-highest electricity prices in Asia. Thanks to a start-up, business consumers in the country are now able to receive competitive bids in real time from electricity suppliers. This has slashed their electricity costs by 10 per cent on average. Are households next?
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smart meter residential
Smart meters are widely credit with the ability to help reduce electricity use, and provide better data on energy consumption. But how can we reap these benefits without compromising on privacy and safety?
Smart meters are in the news again with much discussion about what Prime Minister Julia Gillard is expected …
How many people in the world's towns and cities can drink the water in their tap without risking …
Many organisations can become disconnected in the way in which Energy and Sustainability is managed, and significant environmental …
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mall of the world waterfalls
The emirate says the world's largest mall will be built as a smart city following environmentally-friendly guidelines, but experts and observers voice concerns on the ambitious nature of the project.
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