District Energy: Energy efficiency for urban areas

District Energy: Energy efficiency for urban areas

This white paper draws on competences built up through more than 100 years of experience with district energy in Denmark. It highlights some of the main learnings to consider when wanting to expand the use of district energy by including relevant cases from around the world.

In its simplicity, district energy is about moving water, with a valuable temperature, from the place of production to the place of consumption. The efficiency of the system is created in all three parts; creating heated or chilled water, avoiding heat loss in the distribution as well as effective connection and use on the consumer side.

District energy is feasible many places where there is a great need for heating or cooling, e.g. in industrial zones or densely populated areas. A big part of the initial investment in district energy is creating the infrastructure by laying pipes in the ground.

Using high quality pre-insulated pipes ensures that this investment will last for decades and over time become a minor part of the total cost of running the district energy system. Proper installation, metering and heat regulation at the consumer end leads to hassle-free use and payment as well as a highly improved indoor climate for the consumer.

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