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marine litter in latvia
The release of chemicals and pollutants has accelerated to a point that a 'planetary boundary' has been crossed, threatening Earth and humanity, according to a new study.
bangladesh leather child labour
A study finds Bangladesh’s leather industry employing children in hazardous work for a pittance.
DRS disaster recovery
Sponsored With its second acquisition of a leading disaster remediation company, Blue Planet aims to bring together market leaders to create an integrated waste management ecosystem in Asia Pacific.
cambodia dirty fuel 1
Successive droughts in recent years have caused a power crisis in Cambodia, prompting the government to rapidly invest in and build coal and oil plants.
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trash collected during the East Coast beach clean up
Increased government and corporate accountability, including the full implementation of the EPR law and more investment into upcycling innovations, are equally critical to create a more sustainable waste management ecosystem in Singapore.
beach trash
Tackling the causes ocean pollution can have compounding effects. These seven solutions detail how to reduce plastic waste and other ocean pollution.
Doctor with PPE
As countries scramble to procure personal protective equipment, another quickly accelerating problem sits on the back end: the disturbingly massive amount of medical waste of all types that must be disposed of.
cigarette butts
The tobacco industry has so many environmental violations—on top of its health impacts—that it’s the worst kind greenwashing.
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close-up on microfibre
Microfibre pollution is a growing problem around the world. What's a concerned citizen to do?
Trash on the sidewalk in Singapore
Where do your coffee cups, clothes and household appliances go to die? New documentary Trash Trail traces the afterlife of consumer goods in Singapore to reveal surprising findings.
Screen Grab: Flinders Ranges Australia
Traditional landowners say a plan to store radioactive waste near sacred Aboriginal sites is a desecration of their heritage.
sonia ashraf rap
More than 3 million have watched Sofia Ashraf’s 'Kodaikanal Won't' - based on American singer Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' - which calls for Unilever to clean up a mercury-contaminated factory in India.
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