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Beni Suryadi ACE
Beni Suryadi, manager of the Power, Fossil Fuel, Alternative Energy and Storage department, has been concurrently appointed acting head of the new unit. He says he is there to realise a task seen as “mission impossible”.
China's aviation sector needs sustainable fuels to lower its carbon footprint, but support is needed to reduce costs and increase production.
Air pollution reaches crisis level every winter in Lahore and New Delhi, yet years into the problem, little progress has been made in either city.
Arsjad Rasjid, president director, Indika Energy
The developed world cannot ask emerging nations to decarbonise if it does not provide capital and share technology, says Asean Business Advisory Council chair Arsjad Rasjid, who also runs one of Indonesia's biggest coal companies.
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woman farmworker water pump
Women often get the short end of the stick in rural areas where energy access is poor. In the drive to improve energy access, directing finance to increase the participation of women in the energy sector is necessary.
soybean farmer in malawi
As the demand for vegetable oil soars, soybean farmers are deciding whether to sell their products for food or biofuel production. With biofuel producers emerging as the highest bidders, what does this mean for the future of food security?
For the last decade, bioenergy has been confined to the sidelines of climate-policy debates, owing to the environmental problems associated with its production. But recent innovations have made this option for supplying sustainable, renewable energy not just viable, but necessary.
Dawn on the border of the Juma Reserve in the Brazilian Amazon
What does Brazil's new president mean for the Amazon? Paulo Artaxo from the University of Sao Paulo's examines the damage right-wing Jair Bolsonaro could do to one of the world's most important ecosystems, and what that would mean for the rest of us.
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Greenpeace ad used by Iceland in the United Kingdom has been banned for being political.
The ad, which was made by Greenpeace and rebadged by Iceland, was blocked from airing on television by the UK's ad watchdog because it broke rules on political advertising. Iceland says it is not anti-palm oil, 'we are anti-deforestation.'
ethanol from biofuel by dsm
Dutch multinational DSM's chief technology officer Marcel Wubbolts shares how the company's persistence in positioning sustainability as a core driver for profits seems to have paid off.
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Palm oil farmers working with Natural Habitats
Some environmentalists would argue that there's no such thing as sustainably grown palm oil, because of the crops links to deforestation and human rights abuses. Eco-Business spoke to Monique van Wijnbergen about how palm can be done right.
oil palm plantation workers take a rest from work
EB Studio As global attention focuses on forests and the plight of orangutans, the untold part of the palm oil story is people. What is the industry doing to protect palm oil workers' rights and those of the people who defend their land as the industry expands?
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