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Amazon summit
Forest loss continues to plague both tropical biodiversity hotspots, though some Asian countries have been faring better in recent years. The focus should be on feasible action instead of pledges, experts argue.
After Amazon rainforest summit in Brazil's Belem, Indigenous leaders call for promises to be followed up with action.
Indigenous Youths Laetania and Yurshell
This World Indigenous Peoples Day, Eco-Business asks Indigenous youths from Asia and Latin America what the world can learn from their cultures about fighting climate change.
Loss of tropical primary forest around the world increased ten per cent from 2021 to 2022.
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Peace with Nature Singapore
Founder and managing director Jessica Cheam investigates the relationship between business and our natural world, and shares about the genesis of Eco-Business in this book chapter contribution to 'Peace and Nature', a book compilation of 50 essays and edited by Professor Tommy Koh, Lye Lin Heng and Shawn Lum launched in Singapore recently.
indigenous people3
Market-based solutions must be harnessed to prevent the exploitation of ecosystems. But such an approach will succeed only if markets' governance principles and operating methods are designed to promote equity and sustainable prosperity.
Those most affected by climate-induced droughts risk being trapped due to a lack of resources and networks to migrate.
forest drone
With artificial intelligence as co-pilots, climate negotiators from low-income countries would be able to assess the implications of …
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drinking water boy india
Particularly for women, access to clean water creates education and economic opportunities.
jakeline romero
A Global Witness report has found that more than 200 people were killed for engaging in peaceful protest against corporate mining, logging, agribusiness and poaching activities last year. The trend is growing.
michelle campos
Brazil and the Philippines are the most dangerous countries for activists fighting mining, agribusiness and hydroelectric companies for their rights to land, forests, and rivers, a new report by Global Witness found.
medellin circumvent garden
The second-largest city in Colombia has been recognised for its transformation from a city struggling with uncontrolled urban expansion and violence to one that is now held up as a model for sustainable urban innovation.
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Can electronic dance music drive climate action?
When sweaty revellers are cutting shapes on the dance floor, can they be inspired to think about climate change? Dilo and Robin Perkins from DJs For Climate Action tell the Eco-Business Podcast how dance music can drive climate action.
Palm oil farmers working with Natural Habitats
Some environmentalists would argue that there's no such thing as sustainably grown palm oil, because of the crops links to deforestation and human rights abuses. Eco-Business spoke to Monique van Wijnbergen about how palm can be done right.
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