Experts from 26 nations gathering to discuss the sustainable agriculture of post-Covid-19 era

Experts from 26 nations gathering to discuss the sustainable agriculture of post-Covid-19 era

Climate change intensifies global warming, crop production losses driven by the extreme climate and natural disasters. This year, 2020, the globe is encountered with the pandemic of Covid-19. The outbreak sees the declines and stagnation of food trading and transportation between nations in which raises the attention to the global supply chain.

Using of agricultural technology that could be produced maximum quantity of products of quality and stable agricultural products, to cope with the future volatility of the natural environment. An innovative argibusiness model that shortens the distance to market and allows consumers to buy fresh produce at reasonable prices. Investing in sustainable agriculture, with technology and innovation as the main axis is the direction of development for all countries in the post-Covid19 era.

In response to the issues, the International Association of Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS) cooperated with the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Maryland, U.S.A to organising the 2020 International Agricultural Innovation Conference in which took place from 6th to 9th November 2020.

The webinar focused on topics associated to sustainable agriculture, technological agriculture, innovative agriculture and investment agriculture. Professors, scholars and experts from 26 nations attended the webinar to propose their project in developing sustainable agriculture and also share the insights from various perspectives.

The keynote speaker – Dr. Simon Y. Liu, the associate administrator from USDA Agricultural Research Service, and Dr. Edwini Kessie, the Director of Agriculture and Commodities Division, World Trade Center (WTO), Dr. Ravi Khetarpal, the executive secretary of Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institution (APAARI), Dr. Marco Wopereis, and the Director-General of World Vegetable Center indicated the development of agriculture from the perspectives of Artificial Intelligence application in innovative agriculture, sustainable development goals (SDGs) policy from United Nation (UN), and pursuing green growth of the vegetable sector in low-income countries.

Dr. Lao-Dar Juang, the director of the Department of Planning, Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, Taiwan, Dr.Chung-Hsiu Hung, the chairman of Mitagri Co., Ltd., Taiwan and Dr. Charles Huang, the chairman of Circular Taiwan Network expressed the efforts and goals from the view among the Taiwanese government, industries and organisations in agricultural development. Apart from Tawain, Ms. Montha Kaihirun, the Innovation Consellor Manager from National Innovation Agency, Thailand and Dr. Miranda Mirosa, the associate professor from University of Otago, New Zealand also bring the view of both Thailand and New Zealand in developing innovation agriculture.

Investment experts from Singapore, Ms. Wei Ling Low, the Chief Executive Officer of Vanda Global Capital, Mr. Jeffrey Chi, the Founding member and Vice-chairman of Vicker Venture Partners and Mr. Stephen Ho, the independent director of Azeus System also demonstrated the value of agriculture investment and its influences in economic development.

Dr. Cheng-I Wei, the Interim Department Chair, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Maryland, U.S.A and also the chairman of the International Association of Agriculture Sustainability (IAAS) indicates that IAAS is a platform dedicated to applying the profound and practical experiences and knowledge of global experts on agricultural practices, research and education in which achieving the goal of sustainable development.

Dr. Tzhong-Ru Lee, the Professor, Department of Marketing, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan and the vice-chairman of the International Association of Agriculture Sustainability (IAAS) emphasises that Taiwan is willing to share its advance technique in both agriculture and network to the world and establish cooperation in agriculture development.

Dr. Wee-Liang Tan, the Associate Professor, LKCSB, Singapore Management University, Singapore and the secretary general of International Association of Agriculture Sustainability (IAAS) also expresses that as a leading city of technological development and the financial center of Asia, Singapore plays an important role of leadership in Intelligent Agriculture.

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