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Sidhant Gupta
Recycling systems can't keep up with plastic pollution, and solutions are hard to scale. Enter Clearbot: Its trash-collecting boats are trying to bring about a sea change in clean-ups, and using AI-collated data to bring about policy change. The company also has plans to expand to India.
Malaysia crowd of people
Only one in ten Malaysians are optimistic that humans can successfully limit climate change, a recent survey found. Scientists are the most trusted sources of climate information, journalists among the least.
Sibuyan Island.
Researchers who studied the ecology of Sibuyan Island say mining has no place in a small island ecosystem, wherein new discoveries of species continue to be made, making it a high priority for conservation.
marcos jr effigy sona 2022
In his first state of the nation address, Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, Jr said the government will prioritise clean energy, but at the same time, will tap natural gas and nuclear power to meet the country’s energy demands.
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fusion thing
Accelerating the adoption of already proven and scalable technologies is a necessary goal. Achieving it will require new …
India library
With rising fees for research journals, India is pressing ahead with a nation-wide subscription to allow more people to access science.
greeland fjord
Greenland is losing ice faster than forecast and is now irreversibly committed to at least 10 inches of sea-level rise.
Participants of a community-based fire prevention and peatland restoration project in Riau province, Indonesia.
There is an intrinsic North-South divide in environmental research, which is also felt in Southeast Asia. There needs to be a mindset change to roll back some of these inequalities.
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fossil fuel warning on greenwash ads
In the video, environmental law group ClientEarth compares the oil and gas giant's advertisements on its low-carbon investments to a burger chain claiming that they’re vegan because they’ve got salad on the menu.
changing course 2019
Eco-Business releases the trailer for a documentary that traces the relationship between ecosystems in the North Pole and Asia, in the second edition of its flagship campaign on climate action, Changing Course.
Bertrand Piccard
The first person ever to fly around the world powered only by solar energy has taken on a bigger challenge: find solutions to protect the planet while making a profit.
Monsanto, the name once synonymous with Agent Orange, has left its past behind. Or has it? A video made by a Brisbane-based current affairs site is accusing the American agribusiness giant of grave environmental and social transgressions, and it doesn't stop at the Vietnam War.
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Forget Lady Gaga and K-pop. It’s time to celebrate those working feverishly to avert climate doom, says Aaron Olivera, the man behind a proposed research ship that will gather more than a hundred scientists to study climate solutions.
The billion-dollar Gardens by the Bay project is built on 101 hectares of land in Marina Bay, the heart of Singapore's Central Business District.
Climate change is causing sea levels to rise at an alarming rate, and nowhere is more at risk than archipelagic Southeast Asia. Climate scientist Professor Benjamin Horton of the Earth Observatory of Singapore tells the Eco-Business Podcast about the risks of rising waters and what can be done to address the problem.
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