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This year’s wildfires, compounded by a record-breaking heatwave, are leading to a spike in respiratory diseases among mountain communities.
The era of cheap food may be ending as climate change, conflict and widespread poverty make food harder to grow and afford – but key policy shifts could help.
Picking wild morel mushrooms brought big money to mountain villages in the Indian Himalayas. But higher spring temperatures and low rainfall may mean an end to the lucrative harvest.
Cherie Tan, Bayer sustainability head
Young people in sustainability need to get in the field to get a real understanding of how to fix the world's problems, says Cherie Tan, who over a 20-year career has worked for Rabobank, Unilever, Asia Pacific Rayon, and WWF.
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Transnational agribusiness firms are contributing to a growing global hunger crisis, causing widespread environmental damage, and threatening people’s health. By also capturing the United Nations Food Systems Summit, they have restricted the meeting's agenda to solutions that will further inflate corporate profits.
gaps in global deal for nature
Although the biodiversity crisis is intimately linked to the climate one, the financing to address it is woefully inadequate. With a new global biodiversity plan now in the works, the world has an opportunity – and a duty – to start making up for lost time.
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