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EB Studio Going 100 per cent organic is not easy for smallholder farmers in the region. Is there a middle road to take where a gradual shift can be managed, while ensuring that the livelihoods of farmers are taken care of?
Sibetan village on the Indonesian island of Bali is renowned for its organic snakefruit, known locally as salak.
An Indonesian smallholder farmer
EB Studio A new kind of agriculture that addresses the double-edge sword of soil degradation and climate change could replace chemically-intensive monoculture oil palm plantations. But can independent smallholder farmers be convinced to adopt regenerative techniques at scale? A coalition of actors including Danone, L'Oréal, Mars, Musim Mas and SNV is exploring the concept in North Sumatra.
The Philippines reports 200 to 300 deaths from rabies annually despite the availability of vaccines and treatment for dog bites.
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Transnational agribusiness firms are contributing to a growing global hunger crisis, causing widespread environmental damage, and threatening people’s health. By also capturing the United Nations Food Systems Summit, they have restricted the meeting's agenda to solutions that will further inflate corporate profits.
gaps in global deal for nature
Although the biodiversity crisis is intimately linked to the climate one, the financing to address it is woefully inadequate. With a new global biodiversity plan now in the works, the world has an opportunity – and a duty – to start making up for lost time.
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