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As low-income Pakistanis fall foul of unscrupulous lending apps, complaints of fraud, data abuse and blackmail alarm authorities.
Global Slavery Index exposes links between climate change and rising risk of forced labour.
Climate change impacts threaten to overwhelm humanitarian aid systems – but changes in how money is moved could help.
With bird flu spreading globally, some argue fur farming should be abolished to impede transmission to humans.
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Greater efforts to limit death and destruction from disasters will help us protect development progress and adapt to climate change.
The precarious nature of informal employment, together with often hazardous working conditions, leaves informal workers particularly vulnerable to health risks.
In the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Global Risks Report, nine of the ten biggest risks for the next decade have a water-related component.
Better water access and sanitation is a social and public good, and it needs investment.
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A green iguana
The origin of Covid-19 is believed to be a market selling live wild animals. Eco-Business asked Anbarasi Boopal of Singapore-based animal welfare charity Acres about the link between the exploitation of animals and pandemics, and what can be done to curb the illegal wildlife trade.
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