slashes their dealership membership price has reported an unprecedented increase in enquiries and vehicle sales in the first half of 2015.

Due to a large increase in the awareness of eco-friendly vehicles, including plug-in electric vehicles (PHEV’s) and other alternative fuel vehicles such as the hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai. In a bid to meet demand, the eco-friendly car advertising platform is taking large steps in order to try and meet demand from its customers.

Raymond Saunders MD said: ‘’We have seen a dramatic year-on-year increase in the number of vehicles being sold through our website, we currently have over 200 eco-friendly vehicles available for sale in the UK, up 125% on last year. Importantly sales are also up 200% on last year with the potential for this to be a lot more. In addition to this we are receiving up to fifty new enquiries weekly from people looking for various types of eco-friendly vehicles across the UK. Specifically the popularity of vehicle such as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Europe’s top-selling PHEV, has helped spread awareness of the advantages and savings such vehicles provide to consumers and businesses.

Our most popular electric vehicle is still the Nissan Leaf for the second year in a row. We are selling approximately 10 Nissan Leaf’s per week, this is up 75% on last year. The Fiat 500 and Toyota Aygo are the joint top selling eco, combustion engine vehicles.

It has got to the stage where the supply of these vehicles is not meeting the demand, and this is why we have launched our dealership promotion, in efforts to get more vehicles and dealers on board. We have heavily discounted our commercial dealership membership until the end of August 2015, down to £99 per year for unlimited vehicles advertised. Furthermore we are also offering all our members free inclusion into our dealership directory. Our primary goal is to help spread the word and encourage the take-up of eco-friendly vehicles that will secure the future of the environment and prevent further pollution to our atmosphere’’.

With more and more people spending their time online, websites and smart phone applications will be a key way to communicate, promote and spread the word for these types of alternative fuel vehicles.

Ecocars4sale are keen on promoting the benefits and advantages of such vehicles. They have introduced into their information pages a, buying guides, top 10 tips, frequently asked questions, electric car charging maps and a really nice electric vs. petrol fuel cost calculator tool. This tool can be used to calculate how much money you will save on journeys by switching from a combustion engine to an electric powered vehicle.

The website is designed to be very user friendly where consumers can sign up and advertise vehicles for free. Car dealers can also join by simply clicking a ‘sign up’ button on the home page and then filling in some basic information. From there they will gain access to their own dashboard where they can add and edit the vehicles they are advertising. The functionality of the website uses the vehicle registration mark VRM look up. This allows all of the specification for the vehicle to be automatically imputed from the DVLA database; vehicles can be added in less than a minute.

Raymond Saunders MD said, ‘’We have invested a lot of time and effort into making the interface extremely user-friendly, but most importantly we have tailor-made the website to be completely different from conventional car selling websites. Unlike most others, we allow our users to completely tailor their adverts and include content such as video. Furthermore they can tailor the SEO functionality of the advert in order to maximise their exposure online’’.

To help demonstrate this Ecocars4sales have put together a series of basic training videos, which are all available online. They will guide you through the process of uploading vehicles and tailoring the SEO functionality of these adverts.

The specialist eco-friendly car website specialises in low CO2 emission vehicles that fall into the VED tax bands A-D. This equates to around 1500 cars currently available in the UK, with this number increasing year-on-year as manufacturers, governments and consumers continue to push more environmentally friendly vehicles. Its primary focus is to provide a platform for people and dealers wishing to buy and sell eco-friendly vehicles including hydrogen, hybrid, plug-in and pure electric vehicles.

In addition to this it also provides exclusive motorsport news including FIA Formula E race reports. It also features an in-depth information section relating to eco-friendly vehicles, which covers topics from electric car charging through to how hydrogen vehicles work. Ecocars4sale currently gets over 20,000 hits per month, and has over 7,000 Facebook and Twitter followers.

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