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electric vehicle malaysia
How to dispose of old batteries from redundant electric vehicles? The good news: we can harvest their valuable parts to make new ones.
BlueSG car sharing
As Singapore places its bets on electric vehicles and joins the global shift towards cleaner transport, charging infrastructure will be crucial. Automakers, companies and research institutions will also have to adjust.
Traffic in Keelung, Taiwan
The car industry is among the world’s most polluting. Amid growing public pressure to cut emissions and with new solutions disrupting their business model, how can automakers prepare for the dramatic changes ahead and help tackle global warming?
Taiyuan electric taxi
Electric vehicles are taking off in China but a long road lies ahead before they displace conventional vehicles.
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Chemical plants
Unless meaningful action is taken to decarbonise traditional hard-to-abate sectors like steel and commercial aviation, we will have little chance of keeping global temperatures at a safe level.
‘Growing momentum’ to make 2021 the global action year for sustainable energy
In a bid of optimism for the new year, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) expressed confidence that clean energy would grow in 2021.
A woman rides in the back of an auto-rickshaw in Uttar Pradesh, India.
Despite rising education levels, women account only for 25 per cent of India's work force. The lack of safe, affordable and efficient transportation options could be one reason why, writes Ola Cabs' Kasturi GVL.
Gridlock in downtown Bangkok, Thailand
Transport-related emissions have increased nearly 60 per cent since 1990. Swinburne University of Technology's Hussein Dia outlines four strategies to cut emissions and fight climate change.
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