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Car Factory_India
Indian government think-tank NITI Aayog has now proposed a 'battery as a service' model to promote electric vehicles in the country.
China Carbon brief
A surge in China’s output of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the second half of last year pushed the country’s emissions above their 2019 total, despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, new analysis for Carbon Brief shows.
electric jeepneys
An ambitious plan is in train to electrify the Philippines' iconic jeepneys to curb pollution. But do Filipino drivers, operators and commuters really want to replace a national cultural symbol with a more modern mode of transport? 
syria civil war
While the technology has not advanced far enough to make a full swap viable, some solar projects are already underway in the field and aid workers expect many more to follow.
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‘Growing momentum’ to make 2021 the global action year for sustainable energy
In a bid of optimism for the new year, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) expressed confidence that clean energy would grow in 2021.
Storm over Fossil Fuels
As extreme weather events intensify, so too will the political siege on the fossil fuel industry, and rightfully so. But Daniel Litvin warns that an unthinking backlash on Big Oil could have perverse effects for the global energy transition.
A laborer hauls crushed rocks pulversied by a diesel-powered crusher in the shadow of a wind turbine.
Ensuring underserved populations have reliable, clean and safe access to electricity is a $1.2 trillion opportunity, says ADB's Yongping Zhai.
PanaHome Shioashiya
Singapore seems stuck in perpetual pilot mode, while Japan is racing ahead with smart living solutions in mainstream homes that offer both comfort and energy savings.
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hydrogen powered homes
A Thai firm has built the country's first homes that runs on solar power for 24 hours a day, using a hybrid of solar PV panels and fuel cells.
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