Eco-Business hires economist Lin Huiyi to expand its presence in China

As independent director of Greater China, Lin will focus on business development and research projects in the region.

Lin Huiyi
Lin Huiyi, Eco-Business' new independent director of Greater China.

Lin Huiyi joins Eco-Business, Asia Pacific’s leading media organisation on sustainable development, as its new independent director of Greater China. Drawing on her 14 years of experience in China, Lin’s role will involve working on business development and research projects in the region. 

“There’s alignment in our interests and how we see the need for sustainability in China and the rest of the world, especially on the areas of carbon neutrality, climate change, and environmental sustainability. I’m excited to better understand the complexities of environmental, social, governance (ESG) issues and work on expanding the network of people and companies doing solid work on these urgent issues,” Lin said. 

Her appointment follows Singapore family office Rumah Group coming on board as Eco-Business’ latest investor.

Lin is the founder of Asymmetrics Research, a market research agency focused on the food industry ecosystem covering farm-to-table food systems and where she will continue her involvement. The organisation focuses on the gaps in current food systems with respect to food security, safety and sustainability. In 2021, Asymmetrics Research released a report about how consumer trends such as flexitarianism and plant-based eating will significantly affect the growth of China’s alternative protein space. 

Lin previously led the China custom market research businesses of two global groups, Kynetec and Grail Insights (formerly under the Monitor Group), and formulated enterprise development policies at the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry. Her research spanned the industries of healthcare, technology, media and telecoms (TMT), as well as consumer products and services. 

Lin is also a co-creator at the Chow and Lin artistic practice which is based on research to address global tipping points. Her award-winning latest work entitled The Poverty Line was a ten-year project that documented what survival means to people living on the bare minimum through a series of photographs. 

“We are proud to have Huiyi come on board the Eco-Business China team as we continue to deepen our regional presence. Huiyi’s unique experience in economics, development and art will no doubt push the boundaries in the way sustainable development is being shaped and communicated. Her long-time presence in China will be especially beneficial for our ESG Intelligence offerings with China-based stakeholders,” said Junice Yeo, executive director of Eco-Business. 

She holds a Masters in Business Management from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management and MIT Sloan School of Management, and a Bachelor of Social Science with Honours in Economics and Mathematics from National University of Singapore.

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