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Eat Just cell-based chicken bites
High crop prices could hurt plant-based products, presenting an opportunity for alternatives such as cell-based and fungal options. But they too face supply chain issues and sceptical diners – and none are silver bullets for food security.
Liveability Challenge_Fairventures
Fairventures, an agroforestry management system, was awarded top prize in the annual search for solutions to the toughest sustainability challenges of our time.
Lin Huiyi
As independent director of Greater China, Lin will focus on business development and research projects in the region.
24 hours with...Farm-to-table restaurant head chef, Oliver Truesdale Jutras
Canadian chef Oliver Truesdale Jutras grows his own produce, tries to support sustainable food supply chains, and eliminate food waste at his restaurant, Open Farm Community in Singapore. Here's how he spends his day.

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Entrée for lab-grown meat

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Meat: only on Mondays

Meat and diary production are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The message from scientists is clear - we need to rethink what we put on our plates.
lab grown chicken
Singapore is the first country in the world to approve cell-based meat, but that’s just one of the five reasons why the city-state is well-positioned to provide an enabling environment for food tech innovators to thrive.
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