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Eco-Business Wasted KL 02
Building these facilities is now the government's strategy to waste disposal, though some have called the move misguided. Speakers at the Kuala Lumpur premiere of Eco-Business's film 'Wasted' called for the focus to be on education instead.
Resa Boenard atop Bantar Gebang landfill
Social entrepreneur Resa Boenard has set up Indonesia’s first alliance for women waste pickers, who work on Southeast Asia’s largest landfill. The group will enable women to sell recyclables directly to buyers, boosting their income from a patriarchal trade.
Nitrogen fertilisers, manure and other agricultural sources drove almost three-quarters of human-caused nitrous oxide emissions in recent years.
Edna Ablazo, collection member, the Philippines
EB Studio Recycled plastic has trust issues. Better traceability systems are needed to weed out fraud from the post-consumer plastic trade and fairly reward the people who collect trash for a living.
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By making walkability a central component of how we design our cities, we can create vibrant, inclusive and environmentally sustainable urban landscapes.
Informal waster workers_Ghazipur landfill_India
The focus of Delhi’s existing solid waste management policies is not on curtailing ever-increasing consumption and production but making waste invisible or incinerating it for profit.
Waste pollution_coastal
There is still ambiguity in how penalties for bad waste management are enforced. The lack of data on the waste being imported into Malaysia makes it difficult for authorities to assess the risks associated with transboundary waste imports.
Regular stakeholder consultation is needed to address climate change and lessen pollution-related health impacts.
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'Wasted' documentary
Launched as policymakers lock horns with petrochemicals lobbyists over a treaty to end plastic pollution, the documentary produced by Eco-Business asks why opportunities to solve humanity's waste crisis are being wasted. It will premiere in Singapore and screen on the sidelines of the upcoming COP28 climate summit.
The Green Mortician is Singapore's first water cremation service
The Green Mortician is the city-state's first water cremation service, which has a small carbon footprint compared to traditional funeral options.
Kids recycle
EB Studio Recycling is key to tackling Singapore's waste problem, and everybody — including kids— can do their part for a better future.
lady in singapore carrying plastic bags
EB Studio Singapore gets through 2 million plastic bags a day. Why do Singaporeans use so many bags, and what will it take to reduce consumption?
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Paper sustainable packaging by RyPax
EB Studio As a landmark treaty is thrashed out to tackle plastic pollution, the Eco-Business Podcast debates whether the world is ready to pay a premium for packaging that doesn't damage the planet.
Circular economy
EB Studio Clarissa Morawski from non-profit Reloop tells the Eco-Business podcast why the circular economy is key to the post-Covid recovery.
A dairy cow in the United States
Methane emissions, deforestation, water pollution, antibiotics overuse, animal welfare — the dairy industry faces a farmyard of sustainability issues. Eco-Business asked United States Dairy Export Council's Karen Scanlon how dairy farms can lighten their environmental impact.
The EB Podcast talked to Rob Kaplan
2020 was a bad year plastic recycling and ocean pollution. Eco-Business asked Circulate Capital CEO Rob Kaplan how the circular economy can be rebuilt in Asia this year.
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