The wealthy city-state has developing country status in global conventions, which could see it become a receiver of climate funds. Singapore has maintained that countries with a long history of industrialisation should pay.
Mangroves can potentially store up to 10 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests. Mapping and quantifying human-driven stress factors can help achieve accountability, notes experts.
COP28 briefing
Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Al Suwaidi outlined the UAE's ambition as COP28 host nation and defended the controversial move to appoint the country's state energy company chief as president of the crucial climate negotiations.
COP15 biodiversity negotiations ended in Montreal with parties agreeing to ambitious global goals to conserve land and oceans, but failing to mobilise the funds requested by developing countries.
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Pollution_CBAM_Indonesia_Cisadane river
Southeast Asian countries should carefully weigh the economic and environmental impacts of unilateral climate policies like the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).
defend ukraine march
The modern environmental movement has taken the rules-based system for granted, trusting in national commitments even when they came from authoritarian states. But Russia has exposed the fragility of the global order, what now?
siargao devastation typhoon rai
As the dust settles following Glasgow’s climate summit, the Philippines needs to take some immediate steps this year so it can achieve ambitious decarbonisation goals.
CCS facility in Vatenfall
A post-COP26 survey of leaders from top German companies shows that nine out of 10 chief executives consider …
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ecosperity 2019
Eminent speakers and thousands of attendees discussed strategies for a resource-efficient future at Ecosperity Week 2019. As they heard about the science of global warming, delegates were called upon to be part of the solution.
Screen Grab Patricia Espinosa Interview Feb 2017 Carbon Brief
Patricia Espinosa is tasked to steer the international climate negotiations through the finer details of the Paris Agreement. What happens if the US renegades on its current commitment? Is Brexit a threat? Her answers on this video.
christiana figueres ban ki-moon
With 31 more countries submitting their instruments of ratification for the Paris climate pact last week, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he is confident the Paris Agreement will have entered into force before his term concludes.
Screen Grab: Patricia Espinosa August 3 interview on Climate Change
UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, talks about the need to mobilise the world in the fight against climate change, which is affecting lives every day.
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