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Current analyses of press freedom in Southeast Asia do not sufficiently capture the unique challenges faced by media professionals reporting on the ground, according to a report by New Naratif. A more detailed picture could help overcome media freedom abuses.
A dietary shift to meat has intensified farmland air pollution at twice the rate of population growth, a new study has revealed. Cutting meat consumption could help avoid some 75,000 premature deaths annually.
Philippines Typhoon Rai_Surigao City
Survivors of Typhoon Rai, the strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines for the past year, are choosing to stay put and rebuild their homes, for fear that relocation would cut off their source of income and affect their livelihoods.
planted mangrove seedlings
Ambitious plans by India, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to restore tens of millions of hectares of degraded land by 2030 could be derailed by a lack of good-quality and genetically diverse native seeds, according to a new study.
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Nature can't wait

Humanity is enmeshed in nature. Because we are capable of destroying it, we are responsible for protecting it.
Solar panels, Nepal, energy access
Fostering local innovation and equipping local service providers with the tools to deliver solutions that meet people’s needs can create sustainable development impact at scale.
small scale renewable energy Bangladesh
Although great strides have been made in funding large-scale renewable projects, investment trends remain misaligned with the world's future needs. Distributed renewable energy have great potential to fill the gap but face challenges.
amazon rainforest neil palmer
By establishing a firm institutional foundation of “virtuous incentives,” Brazil can offer the world an innovative new agricultural model to help tackle climate change.
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solar gili air id
Southeast Asia's largest energy consumer has been slow to transition to renewables, but recent policies point to greater expansion of the country's solar, tidal and geothermal energy production.
Daughter Riri Damayanti (left) and her father Syamsul Bahri (right) are colleagues at a palm oil company in South Sumatra.
Sponsored What has been the effect of this agribusiness company's dual-income policy on the households of its Indonesian workers?
Harvesting the fruit of oil palms, as this man is doing in a plantation in Indonesia, is tiring and sometimes dangerous work
Sponsored Palm oil frequently makes headlines, but the faceless workers harvesting the fruit of the oil palm less so. What are the challenges of the job and how can their rights be safeguarded?
Smallholder cooperatives are breaking new ground
Sponsored How are sustainable agricultural practices transforming smallholder livelihoods for the better?
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