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Moving towards a rabies-free Southeast Asia
The Covid-19 pandemic has diverted resources from tackling rabies in Southeast Asia, where the disease has been spreading. This white paper investigates the prevalence of rabies in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, …
The Smart Villages Initiative: interim review of findings
The Smart Villages Initiative brings together key players—entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, villagers, NGOs, financiers, civil society and development organisations, policymakers, and regulators—from the frontline of delivering off-grid energy for development …
Creating shared value through inclusive business strategies
This paper demonstrates how it is possible to create shared value through inclusive business (IB) strategies and outlines practical steps which can be taken to develop an effective IB strategy.
Powering Asean's Growth: Trends that will impact the way Asean uses power to 2020
The Asean countries are at very different stages of economic growth. Members include a fully developed city state with nearly full national electricity coverage as well as several agrarian economies …
Lighting Becomes Lucrative in Developing Economies with Over 4 Million Installations
Start-ups with creative business models are beating multinationals to the punch in powering lights for the global 1 billion living off-grid, according to Lux Research
Economic Feasibility of Non-Food Feedstock Based Biodiesel Part 2
In a previous article titled Economic Feasibility of Sustainable Non-Food Feedstock Based Biodiesel Production: Part 1, we have covered how Pongamia Pinnata is going to be sustainable low cost feed …
Smallholders, food security, and the environment
Smallholders, food security, and the environment
Castor Bean Can Cut Carbon & Fuel the Future
Castor is an important non-edible oilseed crop of the family Euphorbiaceae with great utilitarian value in industry, agriculture and pharmaceutical sectors. The presence of hydroxyl group and double bonds in …
Nonfood Biodiesel Seed Leaflet: MAHUA-Madhuca longifolia
The two major species of genus Madhuca found in India are Madhuca Indica (syn. Bassia latifolia) and Madhuca longifolia (syn.Brassica longifolia). Mahua is the widely accepted as local name for …
Giving REDD+ Life

Carbon & Climate

Giving REDD+ Life

Income generated from REDD+ should be given to forest communities to invest in their future, recommends a new report by The Forests Dialogue (TFD). Investing locally in this way should …



Worldwide Revenue from Microgrids Will Reach $17.3 Billion by 2017
Living Forests Report - WWF

Policy & Finance

Living Forests Report - WWF

During the 2011 International Year of Forests, WWF's Living Forests Report is part of a year long conversation with partners, policymakers, and business about how to protect, conserve, sustainably use, …
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