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Touted as a shining example of India’s ingenuity, KC Valley project transports Bengaluru’s secondary treated wastewater to parched rural neighbourhoods in Kolar district.
India’s moon, sun probe shows prowess in space science at a relatively low cost. However, the country's space race success has raised concerns over funding for other sciences.
New entrants in the automobile space are keen to pull off a repeat of their two-wheeler success in four-wheelers.
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Despite the challenges of addressing climate change, technology and innovation are accelerating the net-zero transition.
Doctor with PPE
As countries scramble to procure personal protective equipment, another quickly accelerating problem sits on the back end: the disturbingly massive amount of medical waste of all types that must be disposed of.
Plastic on beach
Countries must harmonise research practices to truly understand the impacts of microplastics on people's health and develop well-informed regulations.
HK uni
Environmentalists need to be more conversant in business models and principles, while problem-solving engineers could benefit from engaging with natural and social scientists. The best solutions will emerge when students and researchers from different disciplines work together.
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shanghai bund
There are large financial and environmental benefits from reducing waste, says a recent report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
salt lighting mijeno
From seawater to gravity, startup firms are using basic science to create simple and sustainable innovations to light up rural and off-grid communities around the world.
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