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Thousands of birds are estimated to be dying annually in Gujarat’s Kutch district due to collisions with power lines.
trains carrying coal Palamu Tiger Reserve
Another rail track within a Jharkhand forest reserve will carry coal faster, but could also kill more animals.
Solar panels metro station Delhi India
The energy demand of the world’s third-largest emitter will expand more than any other nation over the next two decades, found the International Energy Agency's India Energy Outlook 2021.
A train line in Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesian president Joko Widodo has offered China's Xi Jinping an opportunity to take part in constructing the rail line to Indonesia’s second largest city, after Tokyo rejected Jakarta’s initial invitation.
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tondo manila traffic
Asia’s poorly regulated urban growth impacts the economy and the environment, putting pressure on public spaces, transportation, garbage disposal, and air pollution. Self-contained, self-sufficient urban communities can solve the chaos.
MRT to LRT transfer in Manila
In Asia's growing megacities, an infrastructure finance gap is slowing mass transport development, resulting in thousands of hours wasted in horrendous traffic. Land value capture could unlock finance, writes ADB's Bambang Susantono.
Sun seekers bask in the afternoon glow on a man-made beach in Brisbane
Part of an industry that produces 8 per cent of global emissions, tourism operators and destinations are oblivious to the climate risks they are buying into, writes Griffith University's Susanne Becken.
Gridlock in downtown Bangkok, Thailand
Transport-related emissions have increased nearly 60 per cent since 1990. Swinburne University of Technology's Hussein Dia outlines four strategies to cut emissions and fight climate change.
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highspeed rail germany
In a bid to ease population pressure on Sydney and Melbourne and revive regional economies, an ambitious private sector plan aims to build eight new cities in inland Australia and connect them with a high speed rail—all without a cent of public money.
yixing city shot
The Chinese industrial city hopes to become a model of sustainability for other metropolitan areas in China through the Urban Infrastructure Initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
Suzhou city in China
The city of Suzhou in China clinches the biennial Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize for balancing sustainable economic development with cultural conservation, showing cities in China and other developing countries that urban challenges can be addressed responsibly.
horizon system
University of Glasgow students with Bauhaus Luftfahrt conceptualise the Horizon System, an eco-friendly train-plane transport network to be used 37 years from now
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