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British rock band Coldplay's release of its arena tour sustainability report – it is one of few artistes to do so – brought it extra attention. Korean pop powerhouses are starting to align themselves with the climate movement. Observers say it is a good start, but claims need to be scrutinised.
BMW iX xDrive 40
Saying that electric cars in Malaysia are 'emissions-free' is misleading, said non-profit Rimbawatch, if EVs are reliant on a fossil fuel-powered grid. EV manufacturers say they are already looking for cleaner charging solutions.
An outdoor advertisement for ride-hailing service Grab highlights the congestion and discomfort of taking public transport in Singapore.
The Advertising Standards Board of Singapore ruled that the campaign did not seriously discourage commuters from using public transport. The complaint suggested that the ads are in conflict with a national policy to slash transport sector emissions and encourage active mobility.
Singapore at night
Tech and regulatory uncertainty, along with buyers unwilling to pay the green premium, means mid-century targets often appear more aspirational than realistic. Frequent updates to interim targets and strategies will be crucial, experts say.
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Fixing air pollution in Jakarta will require big changes in the transport sector.
The Indonesian capital’s air quality is already bad. Emissions from vehicles commuting from its fringes worsens the situation.
SG Climate Rally 2
Yes, systemic change is our end-goal. But let’s not discount the value of individual action in making that possible.
electric micro bus in vietnam
Future projections of electric mobility are promising, but uptake in the region will depend heavily on the strategic decisions and actions of its key stakeholders—industry, government, and consumers.
traffic jam in jakarta
Normal contributed to this pandemic. Governments should direct stimulus measures towards a greener and more equitable normal.
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toto in Varanasi
With a vision to end the drudgery of manual rickshaw pulling, social enterprise SMV Green is also helping restore clean air in one of India's most polluted cities through electric rickshaws.
A view of Orchard Road, Singapore
EB Studio About four out of every five people impacted by sea-level rise by 2050 will live in East or Southeast Asia, creating an urgent need climate-smart solutions for cities. This year’s Innovate4Climate summit will look at the climate-smart solutions the region needs.
electric bus
The Proterra Catalyst E2 Max electric bus has broken the world record for driving the longest distance on a single charge.
summer in the city
If greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, the Earth’s average global surface temperature could rise more than 4 degrees Celsius or 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of this century. These videos attempt to show how that looks like.
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Drone flying over ocean
EB Studio [The EB Podcast] In this concluding episode of the Let’s Write the Future series, we explore how the rise of renewable energy, the electrification of transport and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are changing our lives, cities, and the world.
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