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Partners for the Environment

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Partners for the Environment

Highlights from the Partners for the Environment conference, organised on August 1 in Singapore by the Ministry for the Environment and Water Resources, and Eco-Business.
Sustainable Cities: From Possibility to Reality
Dutch manufacturing company AkzoNobel and sustainability media firm Eco-Business held the inaugural Cities:Possibilities forum on 8 November 2016. Read this outcome report for highlights from this insightful dialogue.
A new paradigm for urban mobility: How fleets of shared vehicles can end the car dependency of cities
In cities, mobility plays a particularly central role for ensuring prosperity and social cohesion in a context of high population density and intense economic activity. Yet mobility is also a …
Low-carbon mobility for mega cities: What different policies mean for urban emissions in China and India
The rapid economic development of China and India has gone hand in hand with significant increases in the number of motor vehicles on the streets, notably in vities.
Cleaning Delhi's air

Carbon & Climate

Cleaning Delhi's air

What does it take to clean Delhi's air?
Smart Transportation Systems
Intelligent Transportation Technologies in the Age of Smart Cities: Traffic Management, Smart Charging, Public Transit, and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Systems
Sustainable Low-Carbon City Development in China
The World Bank published a book titled, “Sustainable Low-Carbon City Development in China,” offering practical lessons to policymakers in China to organize and coordinate sustainable low-carbon urban development. The book suggests a multifaceted approach...
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