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Satinder Bindra
The appointment of the seasoned communications chief comes as the platform to promote sustainable agriculture sets up a taskforce to transform Vietnam's rice industry.
Eat Just cell-based chicken bites
The number of new deals signed in the region also rose marginally in 2022, but one expert warned that the slowdown experienced in mature North American markets is likely to play out in Asia over the next few years.
In a year when misinformation ran amok, “bad” news was vilified, and climate wins were few and far between, here are the stories that Eco-Business readers found most interesting.
Cutting back on meat can protect vanishing nature, reduce carbon emissions and ease pressure on cropland.
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Switching menus so meat is not the default option dramatically reduces meat consumption. But will the effects last?
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Food & Agriculture

Meat: only on Mondays

Meat and diary production are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The message from scientists is clear - we need to rethink what we put on our plates.
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good meat eat just chicken bites
Novel food firms are dreaming big about market expansion, but first they must overcome diners' doubts and a huge cost hurdle.
A green iguana
The origin of Covid-19 is believed to be a market selling live wild animals. Eco-Business asked Anbarasi Boopal of Singapore-based animal welfare charity Acres about the link between the exploitation of animals and pandemics, and what can be done to curb the illegal wildlife trade.
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Alternative proteins podcast 2
EB Studio What are the latest trends in the alternative proteins industry today? The Eco-Business podcast discusses new hybrid products, more localised offerings and cheaper prices due to economies of scale.
Food podcast planet-based diets
EB Studio Nobody likes being told what to eat, but changing diets could make or break climate action. The Eco-Business Podcast explores how best to convince people to choose food good for people and planet.
Will Asia dine on plant-based eggs?
A Singapore-based firm has just hatched a new plant-based egg product. The company's founder, Vinita Choolani, tells the Eco-Business Podcast why plant-based eggs will soon be a popular addition to nasi lemak and fried noodles dishes all over the region.
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