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India ranked as world’s least environmentally sustainable country as it challenges the methodology of Environmental Performance Index 2022.
Xinyi Solar
China's post-pandemic green recovery measures drove up the country's renewables firms on the Corporate Knights index of the most sustainable 100 firms in the world. Singapore real estate company CDL is Asia's leading firm in the list.
Unillever logo
Unilever, a sponsor of climate conference COP26, debuts in the top three plastic polluters, joining Coke and Pepsi which have been sitting in the top spots for four consecutive years.
Do Asian consumers care how clean energy is - as long as its cheap?
Will people in price-sensitive Asia only buy clean energy if it's cheap? Eco-Business spoke to clean energy entrepreneurs about why consumer behaviour is lagging behind investment trends in Asia, and what can be done to persuade more people to switch to clean electricity.
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Children in India
The old development model based on economic growth has had its day, and India must choose a new alternative if it is to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals.
Winning sustainability awards
Junice Yeo says that when it comes to sustainability awards and rankings, winning isn’t everything
Karel De Gucht
The EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht announced in the last few days that he has agreed to …
Angry citizens on haze
The haze that has recently engulfed Singapore has the potential to impact business beyond the obvious economic implications …
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