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Do Asian consumers care how clean energy is - as long as its cheap?
With its dry climate and ample sunshine, Australia has embraced solar energy and in two decades, solar power generation has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. But an excess of solar energy is now threatening to overwhelm the country's energy infrastructure.
Do Asian consumers care how clean energy is - as long as its cheap?
Will people in price-sensitive Asia only buy clean energy if it's cheap? Eco-Business spoke to clean energy entrepreneurs about why consumer behaviour is lagging behind investment trends in Asia, and what can be done to persuade more people to switch to clean electricity.
Wind farm1
The Vietnamese government is mulling a significant reduction of feed-in tariff rates for wind. The Global Wind Energy Council has cautioned the move could see disgruntled investors pack their bags, derailing the nation's wind targets.
Renewables in Southeast Asia
As renewables success stories keep emerging from Southeast Asia, countries in the world's most climate-vulnerable region have little excuse for not having a working clean energy market design in place. There are plenty of neighbours to learn from.
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Rooftop solar, Bhutan
Renewables could spur the post-pandemic recovery in Asia. But as this year’s climate change conference approaches, the region's energy planners have a lot of catching up to do.
Got solar? Now add batteries
Solar energy regulators are giving a clear signal to the market: the grid is not your battery, so please buy your own.
solar stupa
Glen Warwick navigates the economic and policy pitfalls in Asia's booming solar industry.
Solar panels in the Australian Outback
Almost five million Australians have benefited from policies that support solar energy. They responded in droves to incentives, …
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