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defend press freedom
Current analyses of press freedom in Southeast Asia do not sufficiently capture the unique challenges faced by media professionals reporting on the ground, according to a report by New Naratif. A more detailed picture could help overcome media freedom abuses.
Teak Logs, Irrawaddy River, Mandalay, Myanmar, 2011
Italian traders are exploiting the country’s inadequate enforcement to ship timber to the rest of Europe and circumvent the EU’s sanctions and timber regulations, the researchers wrote.
Nautilus deep-sea mining machines
Prized rare metals sitting at the bottom of the sea could play a key role in creating an environmentally sustainable future on land, but scientists worry that deep-sea mining could irreversibly damage a vast and largely pristine ecosystem.
Ugyen Ferro Alloys Limited Namgay Tshering
The landlocked Himalayan nation counts on its mineral resources to develop, but environmental damage and corruption may be putting the country on the wrong path.
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thai fishing boat koh samet
Organised crime in the fisheries sector occurs globally throughout the entire value chain, taking massive toll on human populations worldwide. How can we address these crimes?
yemen mountain region
The rich world can no longer reassure itself that poor countries will avoid the worst of the Covid-19 crisis by virtue of their isolation. The pandemic is now hitting these countries especially hard, underscoring the urgent need for renewed global action.
labourers in Nepal river
The transboundary rivers of South Asia are seeing increased business investments and infrastructure development. There is a growing need for the integration of businesses and human rights frameworks in water governance decision-making.
Indigenous peoples in Brazil
As indigenous groups lock down in villages, trespassers are taking advantage of their absence to steal their land.
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parliamenthouse australia
Far too many Australian politicians receive financial support from, and give subsidies to, the fossil fuel industry, say climate campaigners. A new initiative by 350.org Australia calls for pollution-free politics in the country.
hk ivory trade
Non-profit groups WildAid and African Wildlife Foundation have released a video containing undercover footage, exposing ivory laundering in Hong Kong and the loopholes in its regulations on smuggled tusks.
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