ethiXbase launches GreenLITE – a new ESG risk management solution

ethiXbase launches GreenLITE – a new ESG risk management solution

ethiXbase, the award-winning data and risk analytics company, has launched GreenLITE - the latest ESG risk management solution on the market that enables businesses to automatically screen their entire supply chain in a fast and efficient manner.

Environmental, social and governance performance has quickly become a business imperative. The movement has gained momentum in recent years, and now guides the strategy and direction of all leading businesses.

In some industries, up to 98 per cent of a company’s environmental footprint and the bulk of its operations are represented by its supply chain. However, global supply chains are disparate, multi-tiered and opaque, meaning ESG issues often lurk within them. Undetected, this allows issues such as forced labour, human rights abuses, corruption, and unsustainable business practices to flourish.

From the UK Modern Slavery Act to the EU’s forthcoming directive on human rights, governments around the world are pushing regulation to ensure businesses are effectively managing and monitoring such ESG risks in their supply chains.

GreenLITE employs cutting-edge research and analysis to identify gaps in sustainability, involvement in past controversies and ESG risks that may be hidden in multi-tiered supply chains. The platform provides businesses with the data, analysis and tools they need to drive holistic and quantifiable improvements in supply chain resiliency.

“In today’s world, business leaders globally consider ethics and integrity to be crucial issues. GreenLITE is designed to align with the UNGC’s Sustainable Development Goals and gives businesses the tools they need to drive holistic and quantifiable improvements in their supply chains, both immediately and into the future.” Leas Bachatene, CEO, ethiXbase

GreenLITE’s data-driven and heuristic search algorithms interrogate unstructured data sources to deliver meaningful ESG insights and results. It is a comprehensive solution that can help businesses achieve a more sustainable and resilient future.

If you would like to know how ethiXbase GreenLITE can help you deliver positive impact for your supply chain operations through ESG compliance, get in touch with us for a consultative discussion.

About ethiXbase:

ethiXbase is a RegTech business that delivers robust technology and data analytics to help corporates and third parties maintain sustainable business practices. To accelerate the world’s progress towards sustainability, ethiXbase creates compelling products and solutions that help businesses build ethical supply chains to benefit people and planet. It specifically targets high risk areas, such as anti-corruption, human rights, labour and climate change to ensure thorough due diligence and encourage responsible business practice to become the norm.

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