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Indonesia has a vast maritime area, but not enough personnel to patrol and monitor for illegal and destructive fishing.
A new review highlights improvements that can be made to the conservation of Bali’s coral reefs, which face multiple local stressors alongside warming waters and coral bleaching.
algae biofuel
Substantial investment in money and time is needed for algae biofuel to become viable, even on an extended timeline out to mid-century. While big players like Shell and Chevron have abandoned the effort, ExxonMobil continues work.
Singapore Aquaculture Technologies' fish farm
A smart floating fish farm has launched in Singapore, with high-tech solutions that can be scaled up in the region. How do recirculating aquaculture systems help relieve pressure on overfished and increasingly polluted oceans?
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Relicanthus sp. CCZ
The deep ocean can be used for carbon dioxide removal from our atmosphere. Here are the opportunities, risks and constraints.
bionic leaf 2.0
According to the WRI's new Creating a Sustainable Food Future report, innovative solutions are needed to close the gap between the food currently available and that needed by 2050, without destroying the environment. Here are 10 ideas.
Children plant mangrove saplings in the Philippines
Protecting and growing blue carbon ecosystem—such as mangroves, tidal marshes, and seagrass meadows—offers a way to fight climate change. How is the Philippines, an archipelago blessed with many mangrove forests, doing this?
oyster bed KZO Education
Decades ago, few countries appeared to be affected by Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), but now most coastal countries …
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Jane Goodall Good for All News
Dr Jane Goodall, known for her pioneering study of chimpanzees nearly 60 years ago in Tanzania, continues her work to conserve nature in Africa by joining an expedition to protect the continent’s highest peak.
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